Motorola CP200D Review

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Communication is a must whether you’re at home, work, out traveling around the world. That’s where the Motorola CP200D comes in. This two-way radio has a durable and lightweight design. It’s easy for employees to hold and carry through the day but can withstand daily use.

And throughout this review, we’d like to highlight its features, and its pros and cons so you’ll get a clear perspective of how it works. Then, it’s up to you to decide if the Motorola CP200D is the right two-way radio for you.

Motorola CP200D Features

The Motorola CP200D is one of the most basic models available for two way communication. It’s designed to provide basic communication through short distances. The walkie talkie provides a clear talking experience in crowded environments such as stadiums, meetings, movie sets, etc.

And, it works on segments ranging from 438-470, and can select bandwidth channels between 12.5/20/25 kHz. The CP200 has two models: the 4W UHF and 5W UHF. You can choose from the models based on their requirements, recharging capabilities, and usage. Motorola takes care of their privacy settings, and some of the radio devices are difficult to intercept.

The CP200D has a Lithium-ion battery, and it has about 11 hours of talk time. In its practical usage, you’ll notice closer results. And for people who need to talk longer during their work set like event organizers, movie set managers; this is extremely helpful.

The Motorola CP200D can operate in digital and analog at the same time. So if you want analog but are looking for something digital, you will have the convenience of switching whenever needed, while having compatibility over your existing radio fleet. Migrating to modern technology can be hard, but the radio gives a smooth transition with just one software upgrade.

When it operates on the full digital mode, you can have simultaneous conversations when on the radio. This CP200D can be programmed two channels to fit double the amount of calls in the same spectrum.

Motorola Cp200d ReviewWhen its on digital mode, it maintains a high-quality audio throughout the site, even when it’s on the maximum coverage range. With analog radio degrades once the signal strength fades. Digital radios have noise cancellation filters to help reduce background noise, automatic gain control that can adjust volume for a clearer output, whether the user is whispering is shouting.


Customers like the Motorola CP200D because of its added durability. Also, it’s been tested to comply with the US military standards. Users recommend this HAM radio because it can stand up to the most demanding conditions. The radio can hold up in difficult conditions such as snow, rain, and even the notoriously harsh Canadian winters.

We also like that it allows you to upgrade to the digital version if you have the analog model. Since this version of the Motorola CP200D is digital/analog and not limited to analog, you’ll still be able to tune into analog radio channels as well as digital ones.

While the radio isn’t completely waterproof, it has  IP54 protection. This means that it’s safe from dust and small water splashes. This is a great feature because of the affordable price and performance of the radio.


While it operates well, the Motorola CP200D doesn’t have a lot of advanced features. Not every user needs these extra bells and whistles, by the way, thus making this an affordable alternative. But for simple communication, this radio cannot be beaten.

Some users had difficulty operating the charger. They stated that it would stop working after unboxing, leaving them to use alternatives to its Lithium-ion battery. The radio needs at least a few months before putting the unit on the charger before the red lights blink. We suggest that you get a replacement if this occurs.


In conclusion, the Motorola CP200D is for someone who wants a simple, yet effective two-way radio alongside them. When in use, it performs well, has over 121 channels, and can be configured to your preferences.

People like the Motorola CP200D because it helps them utilize their resources more productively and effectively. And there are no service contracts or monthly fees to worry about. Thus, you can enjoy a budget-friendly radio that can be used for short communications.

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