Motorola MT350R Review

When traveling in new areas, it can be easy for you to get separated from your friends and family. Because of this, you’ll need a radio that has an extensive transmission range and quality. Fortunately, the Motorola MTE350R is a two-way radio that can meet up those expectations and more.

Here, we’ll review the Motorola MT350R to help you decide if its the right two-way radio for you. By discussing its strengths and weaknesses, we’ll give you a clear perspective on how it performs after it is unboxed. That being said, let’s start the review!

Motorola MT350R Features

The Motorola MT350R has a transmission range that’s over 35 under the right circumstances. Like most walkie talkies, the range starts to fall off based on factors such as weather, terrain, and other forms of interferences.

Also, it includes a PTT power button. We suggest using the headset in low transmission to increase battery life. And if you’re going to turn to its high powered setting, you’ll need a longer range.

We recommend using the Motorola MT35OR for hiking, camping, and ski trips. It also comes with alert functions and NOAA weather channels. No one likes to be accidentally stuck in a storm, and Motorola has designed this radio for such emergencies.

The Motorola MT35OR comes with handy tools like an LED emergency flashlight. Features like this don’t seem to be useful during its first inspection, but they come in handy in situations where you’ll need them.

In fact, you can take the MT350R on hunting trips. It comes with an iVOX feature which allows for hands-free communication. Also, the radio then automatically transmit when you talk on the microphone, making it hands-free.

Motorola Mt350r ReviewWe also like the VibraCall feature. Vibra Call gives the user a silent notification ring instead of the standard loud ringing sound most radios have. Plus, the MT350R’s silent ringer is useful in situations where it can be intrusive, when at music contests or hunting.

For added security, the MT350R has a MON function and a keypad lock. The keypad lock is a good child lock while also avoiding ‘pocket dials’. And the MON feature works by scanning your channel and notifies you who is using your security codes or channels. This is useful when searching for a vacant channel for your group or to find distress signals that are nearby.

The NOAA weather channels provide accurate alerts based on your location. It warns users on tornadoes, flash floods, severe thunderstorms, Amber Alerts, and emergency evacuations. And its silent ringer is useful in locations where loud ringing can be intrusive.


Another good feature is that the Motorola MT350R can charge with mini USB ports. With its IP-54 rating, the MT350R is weatherproof, and is durable enough to withstand water, dust, and other harmful elements.

With its added functions and weather channels, the MT350R is useful for long trips. It has one of the longest battery life spans available, where a full battery charge can last up to three days. With its bright orange design, you can easily find it if you drop it by accident.

Some of its accessories are used to improve its performances. It comes equipped with a 1 Emergency Preparation checklist sheet, 1 cable wall adapter, 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs, and a user guide.


However, the Motorola MT350R is not perfect, as it has some noticeable flaws. For instance, users have complained that they would receive noise and transmit static when using this radio. If this occurs, feel free to call for a replacement.

Another issue is its lack of performance consistency. Some users reported that the volume wouldn’t work or it wouldn’t beep properly. Test your radio frequently for these errors as they do occur often.

Sometimes the transmission distance can be off. As it’s advertised that it can transmit within 35 miles, some devices begin to sound fuzzy after 3 miles. Make sure you’re not nearby any obstructed areas to ensure you’ll have a clear signal.


Consider getting the Motorola MT350R if you need a radio that gets the job done. Not only is it weatherproof, but it’s designed to keep you alert on local weather updates. Because of this, you’ll be able to communicate faster and more effectively through this easy to use a two-way radio.

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