Motorola RDU4100 Review

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Are you traveling overseas? Or maybe you work in a crowded office and need something to improve communication among your employees and managers. That’s when a two-way radio comes in handy.

And the Motorola RDU4100 is designed for such situations. It’s a radio that is designed for improved communication in distances up to 3m away. And for those who enjoy a bit of privacy, it has channels designed for you. So stick to this review, and see if this is the right radio for you.

Motorola RDU4100 Features

Motorola Rdu4100 ReviewThe Motorola RDU4100 is a two-way radio designed to improve customer service, productivity, safety, and loss prevention. This RDX series radio provides audio quality with up to 200 mAh of audio output, wind noise reduction, and a speaker magnetic field.

One thing consumers praised about the Motorola RDU4100 is its rugged construction. Even if you drop it by accident, the rubberized external covering will prevent your phone from becoming damaged. Thus, making it great for those needing a bit of durability out of their two-way radio.

The RDU4100’s communication performance is a great answer to work-related issues. It can be used for construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing plants, property management, security operations.

Needing power, the RDU4100 has a lot of it. With over 4 watts of power and 10 channels, you’ll have enough memory to communicate with your team with less delay. It offers hands-free mode, voice scrambling, channel scan mode and more.

It has the extra power needed to get the job done. It has a communication range of 2-3 miles, but this is one that you can easily communicate with. You can choose from 121 privacy codes and  89 UHF frequencies, making it great for the veteran user who wants a lot of channels to toggle through in their radio.

When communication improves, customers have more improved service, and the employees accomplish their goals faster. There was a 5% of user productivity on the radio when it was set in a 12.5 kHz mode. It has a rugged design, better audio quality making it a good choice for all of your on-site business needs.

The RDU is 30% louder than the AX and XTN series. The audio clarity has improved from its previous models. It includes an 18 hour lithium battery that can be easily recharged. Its high-quality construction helps the device hold up under the toughest conditions (rain, snow, etc.).


Plus, the Motorola RDU 4100 is compatible with other radios. If you’ve broken your previous 2-way radio, you can get the RDU 4100 as an inexpensive replacement. And if you don’t want to program it by hand, you can get the free software included and download the settings by your USB.

And it’s audio quality is better than its competitors. The Motorola RDU 4100 can be heard in even the most noisiest conditions. This makes it a great tool when going out camping in remote areas, as its

The standard waterproof ratings can determine the longevity of a two-way radio. The Motorola RDU 4100 is a great option because it meets the military requirements for vibration, shock, wind, water, dust, and other adverse conditions.

When you’re looking for a two-way radio, the interface can make or break the device. Fortunately, the RDU4100 is easy to use. Simply control the top knobs and configure the device to suit your personal needs.


However, the Motorola RDU4100 isn’t without its flaws. The radio is great for standard usage, but it doesn’t have the features that most advanced radios have. But it still can be used for a short distance and private communication.

Some consumers had complaints about the RDU4100s lack of the backlight display. This makes it hard for them to use it in the dark, so stick to light and open areas so your radio can operate correctly.

Despite its issues, it’s still a solid radio. If there are any issues, please contact the manufacturer to get a replacement.


It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for; a two-way radio needs to perform well. The Motorola RDU4100 is a high-quality radio for all sorts of communication. You can use it for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity, and it has private channels if you want to talk amongst your group.

Why buy this radio? Because it operates without delay when its in use. Customers like it because of its unique appearance, simple controls and customization, and its reliability. If you’re serious about having a good communication device no matter the terrain, the Motorola RDU4100 is the best thing money can buy.

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