Motorola Talkabout T460 Review

The Motorola Talkabout T460 is rugged enough for any outdoor adventure. In fact, they are perfect for hikes, biking, camping, skiing, and camping. This walkie talkie is simple and provides a longer range, but its powerful features make it a necessary tool to have in your arsenal.

In this review, we’ll discuss more on how the Motorola Talkabout T460 operates. By explaining both its strengths and weaknesses, you’ll get a clear idea if this is the right radio for you. Without further adieu, let’s get on with the review!

Motorola Talkabout T460 Features

The Motorola Talkabout T460 offers real-time weather alerts, twenty-two channels, and a PPT Boost, which helps extend the reception range. Its built-in flashlight is a great addition and is useful for low lighting conditions outdoors.

This ultra-light walkie talkie weighs 0.43 pounds and has a casting which helps it resist daily use. And this radio is weather resistant, so it’s able to handle light snow and rainfall, but it’s not able to be fully submerged.

The radio’s ports are sealed with rubber flaps. They can be opened when you connect the earpiece for charging and or hands-free communication. The radio has a nice grip, and you can easily operate the buttons even if you’re wearing gloves.

You’ll find four buttons on the side of the and has the emergency features, push to talk high, push to talk low, and its flashlight. The interface buttons are placed on the front of the radio. This include monitor, scan, mode, and the menu.

On the box, you’ll see its range, which is 35 miles, but this is only true for non obstructed areas and optimal conditions. While the radios range greatly, expect it to have a limited reception in dense forest areas or mountains.

Operating the Motorola Talkabout T460 is simple and easy, even for beginners. When the user presses the mode button, you can switch between the two-way communication mode and the NOAA weather mode.

Once you’ve properly set up your radio and worked it to your liking, you can hold it down on the menu for a few seconds. This feature is important and prevents users from switching channels by accident.

Motorola Talkabout T460 ReviewBattery life is also important from a two-way radio, considering that you’ll be away from a reliable charging unit. This provides up to 26 hours with AA batteries and 10 hours with NIMH batteries.


The radio’s rugged build does pay off. Its durable, weatherproof shelf means that you don’t have to hide the device when it rains outside. They are designed to take a beating, and it does a good job at doing so.

There are two levels of Push to Talk that that allows you to save your batteries when conducting local communications, and it has an extra boost if the signal begins to reduce in quality. With its USB charger, you can charge the radio on your power block, computer, etc.

We also like how the radio is energy efficient. On idle mode, the Motorola T460 only consumes a half a watt of power. And because of its durable build construction, you don’t have to worry about it breaking if you accidentally drop it.


Like the standard two-way radios, being in buildings or traveling in the mountains will weaken the signal. You can either get yards of service or miles of service based on your conditions. Getting a connection within mountainous conditions like Tennesee is a hit or miss.

Alos the mic doesn’t do a good job at picking up sound unless the user is speaking directly to it. Ambient sounds make it difficult to communicate. So make sure you speak directly into the mic to ensure that the receiver can hear you. Fortunately, the speakers have great clarity, which is a helpful solution to this problem.


Basically, you’ll want a two-way radio that’s durable and is effective at communicating. With the Motorola Talkabout T460, you’ll get a blend of all three. After installing it, you’ll have over 35 miles of reception, making it easier for short communication amongst individuals.

So think about getting this device. If you’re a beginner that wants something affordable with high-end features, this is the right radio for you. No matter what skill level you are, there is a lot to enjoy from the Motorola Talkabout T460.

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