One Earth: New Horizons Message – History

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The One Earth: New Horizons Message was a crowdsourced project started by Jon Lomberg that aimed to upload an electronic message onto the New Horizons probe. You may remember that the New Horizons probe was the one that flew passed Pluto in 2015. Unlike other spacecrafts, the New Horizons probe contained no message from Earth.

That’s where the One Earth: New Horizons Message came in. The project aimed to send a message to the New Horizons probe once the probe had completed its mission.

Here’s the fun part – the message was going to be crowdsourced. The project wanted to gather images and messages from people all over the world. That way, should extraterrestrial life find the New Horizons probe, they would get to see and hear a wide assortment of cultures that exist on the planet Earth.

This is not the first time a message has been placed on a spacecraft. You may remember that NASA sent the Beatles song “Across the Universe” into space back in 2008. Similarly, NASA’s Voyager probe contained a lengthy message by Carl Sagan.

How did the One Earth: New Horizons Message turn out?

People could submit their images and messages to The One Earth: New Horizons Message project by filling out a petition. Over 10,000 people in 140 countries signed the petition. Because there is such a large amount of data being sent in, the researchers working on the project will surely have their work cut out for them.

How will it work out? You’ll have to just wait and see. It looks as if the project was abandoned sometime in late 2017 / early 2018. Hopefully once things get back to normal the project will be picked up again.

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