QYT KT-8900 Review

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Utility and performance are important when looking for a good transceiver radio. And the QYT KT-8900R is designed for those attributes and more. With its included programming plug, you won’t have any memory issues either.

Through this review, we’d like to highlight what makes the KT-8900R work. This will help you get a clear perspective and see if its the right device for you. So let’s get started with the review!

QYT KT-8900 Features

The QYT KT-8900R is a transceiver radio rated at 25 watts. It operates on a 144, 220, and 440 amateur radio bands. On the back of the device is its external speaker plug, a fuse holder, and a power connector. This is better than competing brands as its hard to find a radio with a 220 MHz band with it.

After using it, we’ve noticed that the device is menu driven. And you can access everything through the Microphone Control setting. For example, you want to set the repeater offset. You’ll have to go to Menu #38, and it will show you the offset level.

If you want to set the offset to the 600 Kilohertz, press Menu and 39 and then enter 00600 and the menu and then the exit key. The QYT KT-8900R has simple settings that the user can customize so they can hear their favorite channels with no background noise.

Using the QYT cable and online software to program the device was easy. On average, it took users around 45 minutes to fully get used to the radio. So think about getting this device if you want to plug in and start tuning into different radio channels simply.

There are some additional features included with the QYT KT-900R. It has an FM radio function,  Remote Stun/Kill, and PTT ID. With these features, you’ll be able to utilize the radio to your preferences and have control over your sound options.

We like radios that have a lot of storage. Fortunately, the QYT KT-8900R comes equipped with over 200 channels available. Thus, users can save their most frequent channels and stations without having to search for them again manually.

Qyt Kt 8900 ReviewIt does get too hot while in operation. The QYT KT-8900R has an operating temperature range between -20℃~+60℃. So you’ll be getting a radio that’s durable in construction and able to work efficiently without overheating in mid transmit.


When it comes to performance, this device stands out from the competition. There are no RFI problems, background noise, intermod, or obvious desense in the QYT KT-8900R. This ensures that the user can tune in without having any feedback issues.

While the QYT KT-8900R is small, it’s still known for its performance. Users can control the radio via the hand mic. Since the body of the radio is so small, and you don’t want to use it while driving, the hand mic makes it easy to operate.

Audio quality is another plus, as the radio can either be very quiet or very loud and has great tonality. If you want to have an external speaker, it has a speaker jack that allows you to do so.

The KYT-8900R shows four frequencies or channels and has a “Quad Standby” feature. It scans through the four different frequencies when the radio is idle and does a good job at doing so. But it’s not able to receive on multiple frequencies at once.


Even though the QYT KT-8900R is perfect for people on a budget, it still has its flaws. For instance, the firmware has a few issues and bugs. Thus, its best to call for a replacement if you see any performance issues.

We suggest that you read the manual instructions online as the one included is written in Chinglish. Alternatively, you can search through videos online to get assistance with using this device.

The KT8900R has a component inside the screw holes. This means that if you mount the radio with a long screw, it can possibly destroy the radio. And once you unkey, the hand mic creates a “clunk” during transmission.


Conclusively, the QYT KT-8900R is a radio for all skill levels. It has good memory storage, audio quality, and intuitive display settings. If it’s your first mobile radio, you’ll have a blast using it, if you’re a veteran, you’ll be able to utilize what it offers fully.

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