Retevis H-777 Two-Way Radio Review

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As you may know, hand radios are excellent at giving us the ability to communicate with others in times of crisis without depending on the internet. But, there are a myriad of other uses for them as well, especially when it comes to the workplace and large organizations.

The best way to use this to your advantage when working in a fast-paced environment is with the Retevis H-777 radio system. In this guide, we will discuss the features, pros, and cons of these radios, so read on to learn more. 

Retevis H-777 Features

The first thing we noticed with these two-way radios was how easy they were to use. They were already preset to the same channel, which was a bonus for us, but we also noticed that it was easy to change the frequency to other stations as well. Knowing that we weren’t limited to the group channel was a plus.  

They come with sixteen channels preprogrammed on a UHF network with encryption codes on every one of them. This keeps privacy intact when using the radios so that conversations will not be heard by anyone outside of the business or organization. 

We tested to see how easy it was to switch from channel to channel, especially with the encryption in place, and it was relatively simple despite the scanning process being a bit slow. Finding the conversations that we needed was easy once the scanning was complete.

Using the UHF band network makes sure that the signals are not interrupted and come out loud and clear. There was none of the noise or static that you can be found with other walkie talkies in this price range, not even in buildings with metal structures that some radio networks can have an issue with.

Because it comes with ten in a pack, it is great for businesses like restaurants and department stores and can be beneficial to the overall work quality. It also works for organizations outside of the business world like schools and large families who want something fun to use on vacation.

Retevis H 777 Two Way Radio ReviewEach one comes with a 1000mAh battery, which is not the most impressive when it comes to hand radios but is not the worst either. The battery can provide a day’s worth of usage, easily covering 8- to 9-hour work shifts.


One of the best things we noticed with this product is the charging system and how it allows you to charge the radios in groups of five to save time and energy. There is a USB port that you can interconnect between charging stations to make this possible. 

Another huge bonus was how loud and clear-sounding the speakers were, no matter the range. You can be on the first floor with another radio levels up on the other side, and the signal will remain strong and clear. We also love the weight of the radio itself, with it being the perfect size for your hand. That, coupled with a flashlight and belt clip, makes it convenient to carry around.


One significant drawback with these radios is that while they do feel great in your hand, they are not very durable and must be handled with care. The antennas are bendy and are not very sturdy so they can break if not careful. The same goes for the belt clip as well.

Also, with the radios coming in a ten-pack, some of the walkie talkies might have more errors and issues than the others, with not too much consistency throughout. This isn’t too much of a problem as the company has fantastic customer service that is available for questions and concerns. It also comes with a two-year warranty.


The Retevis H-777 two-way radios are not the perfect walkie talkie but are an excellent deal for the price. They are the ideal system for companies with fast-paced environments and durable enough for everyday use.

If you think that this product will be beneficial to improve the performance of your business or will be a great addition to your family’s vacation checklist, click the yellow button to see more of the product details on the Amazon page. 

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