Retevis RT21 Two-Way Radio Review

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Using radios as a communication method has proven to be superior to the ways of the internet in times of need, but what about when it comes to everyday use in work environments or the home? If you are looking for a practical and affordable way to use radios in the workspace, the Retevis RT21 two-way radios are the way to go. 

In this review, we will uncover all the details of this walkie talkie to help you get acquainted with the product as much as possible to help you decide if its a match for you.

Retevis RT21 Features

One of the main things that make Retevis RT21 radios better than the competition is their earpiece. The earpieces are completely clear to work as camouflage and are very well designed. They are form fitting to the ear and leaves room for adjustments to make sure they stay in place.

They are also designed to cancel out the surrounding noise so that the sound coming through is just as clear as it is on the radio itself. This feature is very convenient and makes it easier to move around and about when you are busy thanks to the inclusion of its own mic and PTT button.

On the radio, you will find a knob that allows you to tune into different channels, a press-to-talk button, power button, and a low battery indicator that alerts you when down to 10%. There is also a belt clip and hand strap on the radio for added convenience.

There are ten in a pack, making it one of the best deals we have seen when it comes to radios that are this reliable and convenient in this price range. This greatly eliminates the need to buy individual radios that can really put a dent in your wallet. 

Thanks to the UHF capability, the signal holds up well in any building and outdoor area. This feature alone makes them perfect for the workplace, schools, churches, and other places where there are groups that will function better with frequent communication.

Retevis Rt21 Two Way Radio ReviewThe radio also allows communication with other FRS/GMRS radios as long as they are set to the same channel, which you can set the radios to easily. In large establishments like hotels and museums, this is an added benefit that many walkie talkies don’t have. 


The best thing about this two-way radio is that it is incredibly easy to use, no matter how unfamiliar you are to the radio and walkie talkie world. There is no screen or keypad on the device, which some may see as a con, but this feature makes it very straightforward. That way, no training is needed, and everyone will be able to use it right out of the box.

The radios also have reliable batteries that last up to ten hours straight with constant use, with only needing 2-3 hours of charging to reach a full charge. 

As mentioned previously, the earpieces are a great inclusion to the walkie talkies. They allow you to go hands-free when needed and are very well-made and sturdy. This is one of the major benefits of the product as there are not many brands that have them at this price. 


While the overall quality of the radios is great for their price, they do have some issues as you’d expect from models in this price range. The earpieces are designed to be kept in place, but that means they are made to go around the ear, which may be uncomfortable for some customers.

Another potential issue with this product is the signal when being used outdoors. The radios use UHF, which is the reason why they work so well in buildings but lack the frequency range that works better outside. We found that we were not able to get a crystal clear and reliable signal with long distances because of this, but in short range they were excellent.


In conclusion, it is hard to find a set of walkie talkies that are more reliable and user-friendly than the Retevis RT21 two-way radios. Even with their downsides, they are still a good product to add to your business with all the great qualities that outweigh them.

To give it a try yourself, click the yellow button to check out the radios and their features on their Amazon page. Thank you for reading. 

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