RigExpert AA-1000 HF/VHF Antenna Analyzer Review

The RigExpert AA-1000 is one of the most expensive antenna analyzers out there, but it’s also one of the most advanced antenna analyzers money can buy.

It goes without saying that this device is not for beginners or those looking for a budget option, but the more advanced users that need to work on adjusting and analyzing their antenna very often, which can be a daunting task without an advanced antenna analyzer.

The AA-1000 comes with many features that make it more than worth the seemingly premium price tag. Let’s find out what makes us say that.

RigExpert AA-1000 HF/VHF Antenna Analyzer Features

There are few antenna analyzers that offer a range of up to 1000MHz, and the RigExpert AA-1000 is one of them. It’s also very versatile in the sense that it can be used for everything from testing and checking the antenna to repairing it and also the antenna feedlines.

It also doesn’t matter if you’re trying analyze or adjust a CB antenna, or trying to fix an issue with your antenna you’re using for your HAM radio.

Its versatility also extends to its battery, as you have the option of using the rechargeable battery that’s included, as well as using regular AA batteries or even any other rechargeable batteries for that matter.

The battery charger is included too.

Despite the AA-1000 being one of the most advanced antenna analyzers you will find on the market, it’s surprisingly easy to use.

Excellent Data Reading

Something that really sets the AA-1000 apart from even the other high-end antenna analyzers is how in-depth is the data that it provides when plugged into the PC with the included software.

You can easily calculate the frequencies as well as get more detailed data of the frequency and other information. Unlike some other advanced antenna analyzers, this data is surprisingly easy to read and understand.

Another unique feature is that you can scan any particular band without having to scan the others and analyze the performance of your antenna over that band only.

The same goes for the Smith Chart and TRD analysis feature, which helps analyze your line in detail to find any issues it be facing easily and quickly.

Further, it also informs you about the transformer box, ground junction, and the balun with great accuracy.

Rigexpert Aa 1000 Hf Vhf Antenna Analyzer ReviewAdvanced Features

In addition to what we have discussed above, the AA-1000 comes with many other advanced features too. One of them is the smith/polar chart displays which make adjusting your antenna a breeze.

You would spend much less time doing it than with most other antenna analyzers out there.

The graphical SWR and impedance is another feature that you will be pleased with.

The AA-1000 is also very fast, although it can take you a bit of time to get used to the keys and operating it.

The AA-1000 can also easily analyze how your systems after something like high winds and storms.


There are some very impressive pros that you get with the AA-1000. We talked about how it’s one of the most powerful and versatile antenna analyzers on the market, being able to perform a variety of different tasks related to your antenna and also offering you the flexibility to use the type of batteries you want, including both rechargeable and regular AA batteries.

But something that makes it stand out from most other advanced antenna analyzers is the great detailed information it gives on plugging it into the PC with the included software.

Then there are also many other advanced features that make analyzing and adjusting the most stubborn of antennas surprisingly easy.


We didn’t find anything to not like about the AA-1000. Sure, it’s a high-end antenna analyzer and priced accordingly, but then it’s only for the most advanced users that aren’t looking for a budget option anyway.

That said, although most features are very easy to get used to, learning to use the keys quickly can take a bit of time, but it would be worth it once you do.

A Final Word

The RigExpert AA-1000 is for users that are looking for one of the most advanced antenna analyzers at a price that makes it a great deal.

The AA-1000 comes with some unique features that make it a much better option than most other antenna analyzers in its price range, and if you’re an advanced user and have to do a lot of “antenna” stuff, your life will certainly get easier with the AA-1000.

So if that sounds like something that will help you, go ahead and click on the yellow button below to find the AA-1000 on Amazon.

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