RigExpert AA-35 Antenna Analyzer Review

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The RigExpert AA-35 is one of the more expensive antenna analyzers out there but for any serious ham, it’s worth every penny.

It not only functions great and is easy to use, but is also very advanced and offers much more in-depth information than most other antenna analyzers out there.

It’s also one of the few antenna analyzers that can function as both a standalone device and can be connected to a PC or laptop, and it works particularly well when connected to a PC as it shows some very useful information in the form of graphics that’s both easy to understand and analyze.

RigExpert AA-35 Features

Let us delve deeper into some of its important features.

Great, In-Depth Information

The AA-35 offers very useful and in-depth information in a very easy-to-read graphical form. As mentioned above, you can access this information both as using it as a standalone device or by connecting it to a PC or laptop, although the information is much more detailed when you connect it to a PC.

It also offers some advanced features on this front, such as the time domain reflectometry which allows you to easily pinpoint a problem with your antenna without having to spend hours doing so. When connected to a laptop or PC it will tell you exactly how your antenna functions over the entire spectrum, which is obviously very useful to have.

There are also no issues of any weird readings in the event of the RF being too high in the shack, something which is common with many other, cheaper antenna analyzers.

It comes with a USB cable for connecting to the PC and also downloadable software.

Rigexpert Aa 35 Zoom Hf Antenna Analyzer ChartImpressive Functionality

The AA-35 is also pretty impressive when it comes to the overall functionality. It has a color screen and the graphical information it shows is pretty neat and easy to read.

However, the screen can be very difficult to read in direct sunlight as it’s not too bright, and the volume isn’t too loud either. None of these are major issues by any means though, unless you’re someone who would be using their antenna analyzer outdoor under direct sunlight most of the time.

Easy to Use

Despite coming with many advanced features and offering very detailed, useful information, it’s surprisingly easy to use. There are a variety of menus but they are not hard to figure out at all.

You would also have no problem making it work with the popular 27 MHz CB bands. As its frequency range is 0.06 to 35 MHz anything in this range would be fine, although the performance over 30 MHz is a bit of a hit or miss. Needless to say it would work great for users using a CB radio, although it’s an antenna analyzer designed to analyze any type of antenna so you it would turn out to be just as good even if you use a HAM radio or a two-way radio for that matter.


  • Very versatile as it can be used both as standalone device and with a PC or laptop
  • Very detailed and useful information with some great advanced features
  • The graphical information it offers is easy to read and understand
  • Very easy to find problems with your antenna and analyze its functioning
  • Works well for a fairly broad frequency range of up to 35 MHz
  • Doesn’t come up with weird readings even in cases where other antenna analyzers wouldn’t perform as well


  • The screen isn’t too bright or too loud, but would work just fine unless when being used under direct sunlight
  • Often times it won’t go over 30 MHz, meaning only up to 10 meters in terms of the distance

An Amazing Option!

After discussing some of its important features and how useful and advanced it can be while still being very easy to use, it’s easy to conclude that you would be hard-pressed to find another antenna analyzer that offers all of these things even at this price point.

The headache it would save you due to the weird readings cheaper antenna analyzers show when tasked with analyzing high RF AND being able to find and analyze problems instantly thanks to the advanced analysis features make it well worth the extra money you will spend on this device.

If you’re a serious HAM, you must absolutely click on the button below and get this beast right away by ordering at Amazon.

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