RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM Antenna Analyzer Review

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There’s a reason many hams consider the RigExpert AA-55 the most useful single piece of ham gear they own.

It comes with an impressively broad frequency range of 0.06 to 55 MHz, is capable of getting an SWR plot for the entire band in less than half a minute and makes tuning the antenna to your rig incredibly easy.

It can measure a whole range of cable and antenna system parameters including SWR, cable loss, return loss, all with easy-to-read graphical measurements that you can also zoom in on.

RigExpert AA-55 Features

Let us understand its features in more detail below.

Super Versatile

As we mentioned above, the AA-55 is capable to do a lot of things as an advanced antenna analyzer, with some of the things we didn’t cover above including a very quick check of the antenna’s performance, incredibly fast tuning of the antenna to the resonance, comparing the difference in the performance of the antenna between significant events, pinpointing the exact issue with your antenna and more.

To add to that, a user using both a CB radio and a HAM radio would be able to use this same antenna for tuning their antenna to both their devices, although they will need to keep the 55 MHz limitation in mind.

Do not forget to download the manual from the RigExpert’s website though to make sure you set it up the right way.

Incredibly Effective and Fast

With many of the cheaper antenna analyzers, it can take you a frustratingly high amount of time to find complex issues with your antenna system. Not with the AA-55.

As we mentioned at the beginning, it gets you an SWR plot for an entire band which is great, but it also does it in no more than a few seconds. This makes tweaking and adjusting your antenna much faster than it would with most other antenna analyzers out there.

If you set up antennas often, the AA-55 will certainly make your life easier. This is even more true if you tend to operate on HF which is where many other antenna analyzers struggle to find accurate information.

The AA-55 works incredibly well for HF.

Advanced but User-Friendly

The AA-55 offers many advanced features and a great level of functionality as we discussed above, but it does so without making things difficult to understand for the user.

The graphical information is super easy to understand, and the zoom in feature makes it even more convenient for you to pinpoint on a particular point of the plot.

The graphical representation of the information doesn’t just tell you that you’re off and by how much, but also whether you need to go low or high.

You would be surprised how far off you can be from the resonance and how this device can make you get an almost perfect SWR.


  • Great frequency range of up to 55 MHz makes it fit for users with multiple different radios
  • Very versatile antenna analyzer that can measure a lot of things for you and very accurately
  • Makes it incredibly easy to get a near-perfect SWR
  • Finds the most complex of issues with your antenna in a few seconds
  • Easy to use with a great button layout
  • Large screen and great build quality
  • Updating the firmware is easy and quick thanks to the USB interface


  • The color display isn’t bright enough to be clearly read in sunlight, although you would be able to read it but not without some difficulty
  • The price is on the higher side, but for the more advanced users it will save a ton of time and headache making it well worth it for them

Great Choice for Advanced Users

If you’re an advanced user who needs to set up and analyze antennas regularly, you would thank yourself for getting the RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM antenna analyzer.

It offers everything you can expect in a vector impedance analyzer, but also does so in a way that makes it surprisingly easy to operate for users.

It’s ability to find and analyze the most complex of issues and cover the entire band at an incredible speed is amazing even at this price.

All in all, it’s a great choice for advanced users and if you’re one, you should definitely check it out on Amazon by clicking the button below.

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