SainSmart Mini DSO213 Review

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The SainSmart Mini DSO213 is a budget digital oscilloscope that works surprisingly well and offers a great value for the price, although it’s not suitable for very demanding applications.

That said, it’s pretty functional with an analog bandwidth of 15 MHz, max sample rate of up to 100MSa/s, built-in 8 MB flash storage, 2 analog and 2 digital channels, bright color display, ability to measure different types of signals and checking different types of waveforms.

There’s more to it though, so let us review it in more detail below.

SainSmart Mini DSO213 Features

It’s hard to find a digital scope that’s functional enough at this price point, and the DSO213 certainly manages to be one.

The 15 MHz bandwidth and 100MSa/s max sample rate isn’t bad for the price, while its ability to check different waveforms like PWM signals, can bus and flex ray is impressive.

A particular customer also mentioned that they used it to fix AC and DC servo drives, sausage vacuum fillers, printing presses, CNC machines and many more with great success. So there’s some great versatility for you right there that you wouldn’t expect at this price.

Impressive Performance

The performance isn’t the best when you compare it to some of the best digital oscilloscopes on the market, but it’s certainly pretty good for the price.

The DSO213 can measure different types of signals and works particularly well for automotive applications. It can also measure the frequency directly, although you wouldn’t want to trust it for HF.

The built-in 8 MB flash storage is a surprising feature to have in a digital scope at this price, and the fact that you have 2 analog and 2 digital channels is pretty good too.

Another impressive feature is its record function that allows you to save the captured data in a few different formats like bitmap and CSV. You can also transfer the data to your computer using the USB it comes with.

Sainsmart Mini Dso213All-Round Functional

In addition to what we discussed above, the DSO213 also boasts a large, bright screen, ability to measure AC currents in different forms including sine, sawtooth, square, and triangle waveforms.

Something we really like about the DSO213 is that you can improve its functionality according to your needs using user-created apps. It’s certainly a great feature to have at this price.

Despite the great functionality and price, it isn’t any more difficult to operate than a smartphone.

It’s very portable and lightweight, and is battery operated with an open source software.

The accuracy is a bit of an issue though, as for most measurements it may just turn out to be around 10%, although if you’re willing to do it you can improve it to a considerable extent with some changes in the settings.

You also have the option of trying out different firmware thanks to the open source nature of the software. However, some users feel the best option is the Wildcat firmware, as it’s one of the simplest options out there.


  • Surprisingly versatile for the price
  • Measures different types of signals and waveforms
  • Works great for automotive applications
  • Versatile enough to be used to find and fix issues for a variety of applications
  • Ability to record and save data in a format of your choice and also transfer it to your computer
  • Screen is large, bright and functional
  • Functionality can be improved using user-created apps
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Surprisingly easy to use and operate


  • Accuracy isn’t the best, but can be improved with setting changes
  • Useless manual
  • There is some lag when performing more demanding tasks
  • Quality control is poor

You Get MORE Than What You Pay For!

You usually get what you pay for, but with the SainSmart Mini DSO213 you totally get much more than what you’re paying. Sure, it has some limitations, but unless you’re looking for something for serious professional use the DSO213 wouldn’t disappoint.

It’s very functional and versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications which most other scopes in this price range may not support. The operation is pretty easy with an active community contributing to the open source software, so you can also be sure of getting many improvements with time.

If you’re a hobbyist or someone similar looking for a budget digital scope, then you must absolutely click the button below to find the DSO213 at Amazon.

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