Sangean ATS-405 Review

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The Sangean ATS-405 is one of the best shortwave radios you will find in the low price range. It’s not only a great budget option, but also compact enough to be a perfect travel radio.

It sounds much better than most other radios in this price range, even has a bit of bass, finds stations without any issues, the AM and FM reception is as good as it can get at this price, and the SW too is pretty impressive too.

Sangean ATS-405 Features

The extra-long antenna helps users living at a long distance from the stations get a great signal as well. The screen is bright and large with backlight options and the radio is also pretty easy to operate overall.

Great Sound for the Price

It’s not uncommon to have issues with the sound quality in this price range with a shortwave radio, but not with the ATS-405. It sounds great with absolutely no issues at all, and when you’re in the music mode you will even get a bit of bass which is darn impressive at this price point.

Moreover, the sound is extremely loud without losing its clarity which is incredible at this price. This is something that most customers that bought this unit are all praise for.

It sounds even better with the earphones, and unlike with many other cheaper radios, there’s no digital noise being produced by the chip. Some users think the ATS-405 turns out to be a considerably better option than the C.Crane CC Skywave on this front.

Sangean Ats 405 BacksideExceptional Performance

The ATS-405 also pleased us with what it manages to offer in terms of the performance at this price. The FM reception is incredible and even some of the considerably more expensive radios won’t be a match for the ATS-405 here.

The AM reception is impressive too, but the ability to turn off the mute is amazing.

You will find nothing to complain about the SW as well.

The antenna is 28 inches long and the extra length turns out to be very useful for users living far away from the stations, as it helps get a surprisingly strong signals with no low volume image issues. Just tune it properly and you will be good to go here.

You can also control the AGC with the ATS-405, which is another feature you probably wouldn’t expect at this price.

Impressive Functionality

The performance doesn’t affect the overall functionality and ease of use in any way. The ATS-405 is easy to use and operate with a great button layout.

It offers 3 audio settings, including music, news and normal. If you spend some time exploring all the three settings you will find they all do a pretty good job at finding stations.

The bright, large display is a great plus too, especially given that there are several backlighting options as well.

The ATS-405 also supports rechargeable batteries with LED support, has five tuning options and 108 presets, and the buttons all have a great, sturdy feel to them.


  • Sound is great at this price with some bass and no low volume image issues
  • The reception is great across all the bands, the FM being particularly impressive
  • Ability to control the AGC and turn off the mute on AM is amazing
  • Extra long antenna for great signal no matter the distance
  • Bright, large display with backlighting and great button layout
  • Rechargeable batteries with a good battery life
  • Five different tuning options and 108 presets
  • 3 audio settings which all find a lot of stations


  • You wouldn’t be able to connect an external antenna as there’s no external antenna jack
  • The frequency can only be stored once
  • You wouldn’t get DX capabilities with this radio but we wouldn’t really expect that at this price
  • No SSB option

Great Budget/Travel Radio Option

If you’re looking for a highly functional shortwave radio but are on a pretty tight budget, then the Sangean ATS-405 is probably your best bet.

It packs a lot of functions in a tiny body, which also makes it a great travel radio.

The FM reception would blow you away, and the AM and SW is pretty impressive too. Operating the unit is a breeze as there’s a button for pretty much every important function and the large, bright display with backlighting only makes things easier.

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