Sangean PR-D5 Review

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Sangean PR-D5 is a super functional radio at a great price. It’s strong enough to catch signals that most other radios in this price range would struggle with, and it comes with a digital tuner as well.

Some of its highlighting features include great AM and FM performance and the ability to catch the stations extremely well, great overall reception, easy-to-program preset buttons, convenient volume knob, simple controls, and most importantly, amazing sound quality.

Sangean PR-D5 Features

We will discuss some of its features in more detail in this review.

Super Functional

It’s not that you can’t find a radio in this price range that produces good audio, but finding one that produces good audio WITH superior functionality? That’s certainly hard to find.

But the PR-D5 manages to offer this rare combination at a great price.

It has 5 station preset buttons which turn out to be pretty convenient. There are also a few buttons under the display to further add to the functionality.

The display isn’t anything like what you get with a more advanced shortwave radio like the Sangean ATS-909X2, but at this price you can’t really complain and more importantly it gets the job done.

It shows the station you have connected to, the battery status, and whether there’s an active alarm set.

The 200mm Ferrite AM antenna bar at this price is impressive as well, which paves the way for a stronger AM reception. The PR-D5 also supports 10 memory preset stations.

The alarm feature includes a sleep timer as well.

Sangean Pr D5Impressive Reception and Overall Performance

You would be surprised with the reception the PR-D5 manages to get. A particular customer mentioned in their review mentioned that the stations they tend to listen to are about 50 miles away from their location yet they get a great reception and the sound is very clear.

Some users mention how it even pulls the weakest stations out there which they find surprising for the price. On the other hand, some users also complain of a poor AM reception but that’s only because they haven’t read the instructions properly and are doing something wrong.

There’s no station drift or static either, something that’s common with many of the cheaper radios.

The battery life is great and the controls are easy. Setting up the radio is a breeze as well.

Remarkable Sound

Some users compare the PR-D5 to the other radios they own, including Boss radios. And they mention how they are surprised that it manages to easily produce a much better sound quality than Boss and their other radios.

Surprisingly, it also has good bass with clear treble to produce an overall excellent sound. The tuning is easy too.


  • Amazing value for money
  • Great AM and FM reception with the ability to pull even the weakest of stations
  • Reception is strong enough to pull stations that are as far as 50 miles without any issues
  • No issues you commonly face with cheaper radios like station drift or static
  • Easy to set up and operate, and comes with 10 memory preset stations
  • Amazing sound with great bass and treble
  • Impressive battery life


  • Analog dial can be inaccurate at times
  • Some units can have durability issues so be sure to check yours and return if that turns out to be the case
  • Handle with a bit of care as the build quality isn’t the best

A Great Budget Option

If one of our best shortwave radios seems too expensive for you, the Sangean PR-D5 would be a decent choice. It’s a basic radio, but it does everything really well, though it doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles.

The reception is exceptionally good, the unit comes with an antenna, the sound is amazing with great bass, the operation is easy, battery life is long, and it doesn’t have trouble catching weak stations as well.

The LCD display is bright and functional too, and the two speakers produce a lot of sound.

Overall, you wouldn’t want to go for any other radio if all you’re after is great sound and reception and do not want to spend over $100.

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