Seeed WSUB1G Studio RF Explorer and Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Review

It can be a daunting task to find an inexpensive RF explorer and spectrum analyzer that actually performs well. But if you’re looking to buy an RF explorer, you will be glad that we are going to review the Seeed Studio WSUB1G in this post.

The WSUB1G is an inexpensive but highly accurate and portable spectrum analyzer. It’s very versatile, works great for different bands and a wide range of frequencies, offers great features like the peak hold, is capable of scanning outside the receiver’s range, catches overlapping frequencies in no time, and does a lot more to be worth much more than what it’s priced at.


Let us explain in more detail why we are a fan of this product.

Surprisingly Accurate

The accuracy with many spectrum analyzers is often a bit of a hit or miss in this price range. And this is precisely where the WSUB1G really shines, as it’s incredibly accurate and the accuracy is consistent across the wide range of tasks it performs.

A particular user mentioned they use it for the ISM 902 – 928 MHz Band as well as the adjacent frequencies and never had any problem with the accuracy. A production sound mixer said it works great for them as well for ensuring they get their radio frequencies on clean channels.

Many other users that bought this device are all praise for its accuracy as it works extremely well for them no matter what they exactly need to analyze, be it finding and avoiding overlapping frequencies or other types of interferences.

It doesn’t matter whether you use a CB radio or a HAM radio you’re going to love this device thanks to its versatility.

Amazingly Functional

Seeed Studio Rf Explorer And Handheld Spectrum AnalyzerWe know you wouldn’t expect much at this price but the WSUB1G manages to surprise on pretty much every front.

It comes with features like a peak max and hold, as well as normal, overwrite and averaging modes. Some of these features allow the device to perform just as well even when operating outside the receiver’s range, which makes it much more versatile and functional than most other RF explorers in this price range.

The tuning is a breeze as well, as you don’t have to mess around with complex settings but just have a few buttons you need to use to set things up. This also makes it super easy for the users to fire it up and get analyzing in no time.

The rechargeable battery it comes with is pretty impressive too, lasting over 16 hours of use.

The WSUB1G is no bigger than most smartphones these days, and you would have no problem carrying it in your pocket.

Do not let that be a judging factor for its durability though, as its solid aluminum metal case makes it very durable too.


The firmware is being updated fairly regularly, and the updates are free for lifetime. The manufacturer is also willing to work on community-requested features, so that’s something worth noting as well.


  • Amazingly accurate no matter the type of task you’re using it for
  • Works great at finding interferences, overlapping frequencies, clean channels for your radio frequencies, frequency gaps and much more
  • Super portable and easy to use
  • Software updates free for lifetime
  • Impressive durability with a solid aluminum case
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts over 16 hours


  • Does not come with a USB

However, considering everything that you’re getting at this price, it would probably be cruel to think that the lack of a USB cable is a deal-breaker in any way. Most users would already have a USB cable so it isn’t a big deal at all.

SEEED Studio RF Explorer Review Conclusion

We doubt if you can get a better worth for your money when buying a spectrum analyzer in this price range than what the WSUB1G offers. It does a lot of things and does them well, and most importantly, the accuracy is spot on, which is not a norm when you’re buying an RF explorer at this price point.

Many users mention in their reviews how this device has become one of their most essential tools, and the first thing they do when setting up their system is fire up the WSUB1G and analyze the frequencies and use the findings to make sure everything runs super smooth.

Don’t be on the fence! If this is all you can afford for a spectrum analyzer and RF explorer, then by all means click the button below and get this thing right away.

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