Shakespeare ART-3 Antenna/Radio Tester Review

The Shakespeare ART-3 is an impressively versatile device that tests and analyzes both your radio and antenna for a variety of issues. Unlike some other similar products, it would test both the output power and VSWR (indicates the efficiency of your antenna), and also the receiving ability.

The frequency range is 150-158 MHz, the signal generator is 3 KHz deviation, and the tester is capable of finding many different types of issues in no time, while also being very easy to operate.

Shakespeare ART-3 Features

We will delve deeper into some of its important features below.

No More Radio Checks!

If you’re a boater, you may have encountered many issues setting up your radio or system or getting the desired level of performance from them.

But you don’t need to go for regular radio checks anymore as the ART-3 is here to save the day! It’s super portable (which is great for boaters!) and easy to use, but does its job extremely well.

It’s versatile enough to perform the dual job of checking both the receiver functionality as well as the antenna efficiency and output power.

This device works great for testing marine VHF radio and marine VHF antenna, which are mainly used by boaters.

Must-Have for Boaters!

Shakespeare Art 3 Antenna Radio TesterThe ART-3 is particularly designed for boaters using a marine VHF radio, rather than for other more popular types of radios like a CB radio or HAM radio.

You would be surprised how many times you think your radio was working fine but it actually wasn’t. You can now confirm that with the ART-3 and make the necessary adjustments in time. Sure you know how much of a trouble it can be when your radio isn’t working as it should when you really need it to.

An impressive feature here is that it can also test transmission wattage, and the same goes for its ability to generate a tone.

One of the boaters using this device regularly said that they test every solder job using it and are very pleased with the results. It helps them sleep better at night.

With the ART-3 it’s also possible to generate a tone on Channel 72, paving the way for a simple reception test. It comes with an internal battery which functions well too.

It’s also better than the ART-2 in pretty much every department, and a worthy upgrade if you tend to use the device a lot.

Technical Features

While we have already covered some of the important technical features above, let us mention a few more that we think are important.

The impedance is 50 ohms, tone is 1000 Hz, RF level is approximately -115 dBM, and the accuracy is +/-10%.


  • Specifically designed for boaters and marine VHF radio and antenna
  • Works great at finding issues you never thought existed
  • Similarly, it helps you confirm issue that you may have suspected but had no way to tell for sure
  • Works well at testing both the receiving functionality as well as the output wattage and VSWR (antenna efficiency)
  • Its ability to generate a tone and test transmission wattage is great
  • It’s one of the most popular testing devices among boaters for pretty much every solder job
  • Made of aluminum with a great overall build quality so it should last you a really long time
  • Worthy upgrade to the ART-2


  • Doesn’t come with a jumper cable, you will have to buy one separately

Shakespeare ART-3 Review Conclusion

It can be frustrating to deal with radio or system issues due to the nature of your job. Going for radio checks regularly certainly isn’t a wise option, which is precisely where the Shakespeare ART-3 comes in.

It tests your radios and antennas with great accuracy, and tests them for both the receiving functionality and output power and VSWS, which reflects your antenna’s efficiency.

It also offers some other impressive features you will be hard-pressed to find in many other testers, especially in this price range. Some of the more important ones include its ability to test transmission wattage and generate a tone.

If you’re using the ART-2 currently, do consider upgrading to this one as the improvements are pretty real. If you have made up your mind already then just go ahead and click the button below to find this device on Amazon.

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