Siglent Technologies SDS1102CML Digital Oscilloscope Review

The Siglent SDS1102CML offers a great bang for your buck as it packs an impressive performance at a fairly affordable price.

The 1GS/sec sampling with a 100 MHz response works well for most applications, there are many automatic functions to help beginners, probes are great, accuracy is spot on, the large display is responsive and functional, and there are some other features as well that all make it one of our best digital oscilloscope.

Siglent SDS1102CML Features

So let’s find out what else the SDS1102CML offers and why you should consider it as your first or next digital scope.

Great Bang for Your Buck

The SDS1102CML is a 2 channel digital oscilloscope with a bandwidth range of 50 MHz to 150 MHz. It would be able to cover most applications for you, thanks to the 100 MHz response and 1GS/sec sampling.

There are not many scopes in this price range that can do this, making the SDS1102CML a great value for money scope.

It’s also one of the few scopes that offers an auto mode which, as the name suggests, automatically chooses the best settings for you and helps stabilize the signal. You might think it would turn out to be a hit or miss, but you would be actually surprised when you use it a few times as it manages to be spot on every single time.

There are other automatic functions as well, which really come in handy for people using a digital oscilloscope for the first time.

The device comes with two probes and they are great. The calibration is pretty good as well although we wouldn’t say it’s good enough for laboratory use.

But then you would probably have a much bigger budget if you’re looking for a scope for lab use.

Accuracy and Functionality

The accuracy is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a digital oscilloscope, and we are glad to tell you the SDS1102CML manages to be a great choice on this front. In fact, some repair professionals end up choosing this device, which is saying something as in this price range most scopes you will find would only be fit for hobby use.

Coming to the functionality, the controls are great and makes the device easier and convenient to operate. The SDS1102CML does more than you would expect in terms of measuring the frequencies, all with a very responsive interface.

Siglent Sds1102cmlIt also supports LAN connection, and USB write for storing images. You would also find that each channel has been given its independent controls, which further improves the overall ease of use.

The large 7-inch display, waveform record and play feature, and unique digital filter are some of its other impressive features.


While we did mention that the SDS1102CML is great for users new to using a digital oscilloscope, the lack of proper documentation can make things a little difficult for them. However, all you need to do is visit the Siglent website where you will find more information about it.

Another bit of a downside is that to install the EasyScopeX software, you have to install two other software first: Net Frame and the software driver for the NI-VISA program.

The EasyScopeX installation guide explains everything, but you will have to do some work here.

Finally, the Rigol DS1054Z can be a better choice than the SDS1102CML for some users depending on their needs, but it’s more expensive and has a bandwidth of only 50 MHz.


  • Great value as the SDS1102CML boasts a great performance at this price
  • Bandwidth and sampling rate is enough for most applications
  • Few great automatic functions that make life easier for users new to digital scopes
  • Impressive accuracy coupled with a high level of functionality, especially including the waveform record and play feature, LAN connection, and independent controls for each channel
  • Easy to use with simple controls
  • Faster and more powerful than most other scopes in this price range


  • Lack of proper documentation (but the Siglent website and YouTube videos on this scope would make up for it)
  • Installing the EasyScopeX is a bit of a work

Siglent SDS1102CML Review Conclusion

It’s not that you can’t find a better scope or a more advanced digital oscilloscope than the Siglent SDS1102CML, but at this price, the SDS1102CML is probably your best bet.

It’s very functional with a lot of features, and the performance is going to be good enough for most applications.

It doesn’t have a steep learning curve either, and the automatic functions make things even easier for you.

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