Siglent Technologies SPD3303X-E Triple Output Power Supply Review

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The Siglent SPD3303X-E is a very functional power supply and will turn out to be very useful for users that are into circuit development, work on tasks involving digital logic, or need the right type of supply to use with their analog circuitry.

The Siglent SPD3303X-E comes with 3 independent controls and isolated outputs, supports a PC software, has a current limiting feature, allows adjusting its outputs, has floating outputs as well, and the voltage and current capabilities work great.

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Great Power Supply

The SPD3303X-E is one of the best power supplies you will find on the market, especially in this price range. It not only works great as a power supply with triple output, but is also very functional with some impressive features and functions.

It’s not exactly a cheap product, but it’s very reliable as a power supply, which the cheaper options usually aren’t. The voltage and current values are spot on, and many customers that bought the SPD3303X-E mention this in their review.

Advanced Features

The SPD3303X-E boasts some really advanced features that you wouldn’t get with the cheaper options. The serial and parallel capabilities work much better than in most other power supply devices, and it comes with a great “lock” function as well.

The V/A/W display is detailed but easy to understand, and the network interface is pretty detailed too.

A great feature is the SPD3303X-E ability to save as many as 5 different “scenes” in its memory that you can use as your common setups.

It comes with a USB option so that you can control it using your computer. You get to see both the setpoint and actual values, which definitely turns out to be considerably more useful than if one of them wasn’t available.

Siglent Technologies Spd3303x E Triple Output Power SupplyThe fan is amazingly quiet as well, which is another feature you will greatly appreciate if you have used other much noisier power supply devices before.

The two programmable channels work great, although the third does have some issues which we will cover below.

These are all features radio enthusiasts will be pleased to have in their power supply unit, regardless of the type of radio such as a HAM radio.

A Couple Major Flaws

Although the SPD3303X-E works great for the most part, there are a couple issues as well that are worth taking into consideration as well before deciding on it.

One of them is that it comes with a wrong fuse. The fuse it includes is for EU, and not North America. One of the customers mentioned that while the power supply works great they ended up blowing up the fuse as it was not designed for NA. They had the correct fuse and the unit works great with it.

Another downside is that the software needs quite some work to make it work. You have to download over 1GB across the two software (including the main one which is 700MB), and there is no Mac support.

In other words, you need a Windows-based computer to download the upgrade for the firmware.


  • A great power supply with three programmable channels
  • The voltage and current levels are extremely accurate
  • Serial and parallel capabilities are impressive as well
  • The V/A/W display is highly functional and easy to read
  • There are many additional features like a “lock” function, ability to save 5 setups in the memory, and the option to control using your computer thanks to the USB option
  • The fan is surprisingly quiet too, not annoying at all like many of the other power supply devices


  • Comes with a wrong fuse (designed for EU), so you will have to swap it out for NA unless you receive the right one
  • The software is difficult to set up with over 1GB of download and no Mac support
  • The display might seem a bit too bright to some users but you can’t change it, although this wouldn’t be too much of an issue

SPD3303X-E Review Conclusion

The most important features a power supply device needs to have is great accuracy in the form of accurate voltage and current levels, and the SPD3303X-E absolutely nails it on this front.

There are tons of other features as well, which make it very functional as well.

It does have a couple cons but if you can live with that, it would be a great overall option. You can find it on Amazon by clicking on the big button below.

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