Signstek Professional UV Dual Band SWR/Power Meter Review

Signstek may not seem like one of the “big” brands, but it does make decent products. The Signstek SWR/power meter is certainly one of them, although it does have some limitations which is expected considering the price.

Some of its important features include a decent level of accuracy (not lab standard), ability to find out if your radio is putting out what it should in terms of the power, high-quality connectors, and a tank-like build quality.

It also works just as well at measuring the SWR of your antenna. The SWR measurement works great consistently across different devices.

Lots of Positives

Signstek is definitely making a mark for itself in the industry with some great value for money products, and this SWR/power meter is definitely one of them.

Although it doesn’t offer lab standard accuracy, you would be pleased with the accuracy as a hobbyist or even for some professional use.

A particular customer said they measured different CB radios and HAM radios ranging from 5 watts to 75 watts and this unit managed to give a fairly accurate power reading for all of them. Some customers were particularly pleased with how it could help them get an optimized performance from their walkie talkies and handheld HAM radios.

It’s one of the few meters that manages to be great at both power and SWR measurements. You shouldn’t expect decimal place precision from it though, as it’s not really a professional grade power meter.

However, if you’re fine with readings like “1.3-ish” and so on, then you definitely wouldn’t find anything to complain about it.

Signstek Professional Uv Swr Power MeterAmazing Durability

The durability of the Signstek SWR and power meter is particularly impressive. It’s built like a tank and should last you a really, really long time.

Many customers that bought it feel the same, and this unit should definitely be able to handle a fair bit of rough use as well.

Technical Features

Now, here are some technical features or rather some important specifications or you.

The frequency range is 140 to 150 MHz and 430 to 450 MHz. The insertion loss is better than what you would probably get with other units in this price range, which is typically less than 0.3 dB.

The upper end of the power measuring range is 200W, which is also pretty good at this price.

According to the manufacturer, the accuracy of the measurements would be between 5% to 10%, which is again not bad at this price.

However, this is also the limitation we talked about above. It is a great SWR and power meter for hobby use, but certainly not good enough with its accuracy for lab use.

A particular made a pretty good point in their review that it’s important to get a good idea of what SWR your antenna is doing before purchasing a radio, so that you can protect yourself against any compatibility issues and loss of your investment. The Signstek SWR and power meter certainly helps you do that.


  • Great SWR/power meter at an affordable price
  • The accuracy is good for the price, and hobbyists are all pleased with it
  • It’s heavy and super durable
  • The SWR and power meter measurements both work well
  • The connectors are durable and high-quality


  • Some might say it leaves a bit to be desired on the accuracy front, but at this price you cannot expect lab standard measurements, and this unit is pretty good for hobby and personal use

You Won’t Regret Buying It!

As we mentioned in the beginning, do not let the fact that this SWR and power meter is not coming from one of the big brands out there scare you into thinking it won’t be good enough for your needs. Unless you’re expecting lab standard accuracy (which you definitely shouldn’t at this price point), you would be pleased with how accurate it measures your radios and antennas.

More importantly, its incredibly durable with high-quality connectors, which is definitely pretty impressive at this price. It can also measure up to 200W so there’s not much of a limitation on that front as well.

Unless you’re looking to spend a lot more on your SWR and power meter, you would want to click on the button below and order the Signstek SWR and power meter right away.

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