Standard Horizon GX1700 Review

Accidents and emergencies cannot be predicted when out on the water. Even the most seasoned sailors can fall victim to bad weather or equipment malfunction. When emergencies occur, the one thing that can ensure a quick rescue is a Very High Frequency (VHF) marine radio

And the Standard Horizon GX1700 is a radio that blends affordability and reliability into one functional device. This review, we’ll help you discover how it works so you can decide if this is the right radio for your vessel. 

Standard Horizon GX1700 Features

The Standard Horizon GX1700 has enough memory to keep your communication lines active. It is capable of collecting and entering over 100 waypoints. Users can select the waypoints by a navigation compass that shows your vessels DIST (Distance), BRG (Bearing), COG, and SOG to your waypoint with its internal 12 channel GPS system. 

With a large screen on your radio, you can see your radio’s status more clearly. You can adjust the GX1700’s brightness and contrast setting for situations where the radio can’t be mounted directly in front of you. 

The Standard Horizon GX 1700 has a small GPS antenna located in front of the unit. By connecting its Remote Access Microphone, users can make a second sound station in any location of the boat. 

The second sound station gives the user full functionality, which includes Digital Selective Calling (DSC). With this feature, you can use both the main unit and your second station like an intercom system.

Want to remove background noise when speaking? The Standard Horizon GX17000 has a Voice Noise Reduction Technology, which eliminates sounds such as wind and engines during transmission. This ensures that the transmissions are clear alongside its channel selection and its H/L keys.

Getting information about the weather in your location can come in handy during emergencies. This radio comes equipped with 10 Canadian and NOAA weather channels that are pre-programmed and can be selected by pressing the WX key. 

Standard Horizon Gx1700 ReviewYou can share position information with DSC vessels using the position reporting and position request functions. With a few buttons, you can send information about your vessel, or request information position from a nearby vessel. 


The Standard Horizon GX1700 is known for its lightweight design. It’s about 3.6” in depth. In fact, its a compact device which makes it a great choice for small boats. The device is 3.4” high and 5.9” wide, making it a portable device for your vessel. 

Don’t worry about operating the radio in cold degrees either. The GX1700 is designed to work at 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for people who intend to travel in places such as Michigan. 

As we stated earlier, its built-in GPS is a plus. Users can simply flip a switch to transmit their ID and location. By doing this, you can receive emergency assistance in the even your boat is lost or in danger. 

The display of the GX1700 is easy to read and bright enough for users to see. Its layout, brightness, and size ensure that it’s display screen provide more information in a short glance than its competitors. 


But there are a few user complaints about the build construction of this device. The mic holder is created out of plastic material, not metal. Some users that have previously bought the Standard Horizon GX1700 reported that its GPS service tends to drop out over a short period of time. 

The GPS antenna on this device is small. This means that you can’t take the device below-deck or any other area where it cannot access clear skies. If you don’t have any alternative options, users can opt for an external GPS system to this mounted radio’s output. 

Make sure that the Standard Horizon GX1700 doesn’t get wet. The problem is that once it receives moisture, it stops working. Even so, it will depend on how deep the water penetrates inside the radio. 


We believe that the Standard Horizon GX1700 is the best radio, both marine and land communication. With its in-built GPS, you won’t find any issue getting your location broadcasted during an emergency.

Buying this radio is a huge benefit, especially if you’re traveling in remote locations. If you find that money and space are a major concern as well, then you won’t find a radio better suited for your vessel as the Standard Horizon GX1700.

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