Standard Horizon GX2200 Review

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When looking for a valuable marine radio, you can’t go wrong with Standard Horizon. And their Standard Horizon GX2200 is another interesting addition to their lineup. With the Standard Horizon GX2200, you’ll get a radio that’s great for communication and emergencies. Since it’s so easy to use, you’ll be transmitting signals within minutes.

This review, we’d like to highlight how the Standard Horizon GX2200 works. This way, you’ll be able to make a clear decision if its the right radio for you.

Standard Horizon GX2200 Features

The Standard Horizon GX2200 is a radio that’s designed to help users stay connected when traveling overseas. To accomplish this goal, Standard Horizon gave this device a 66 built-in channel GPS receiver and two AIS receivers, making navigation a breeze.

The Standard Horizon GX2200 just continues to get better. This VHF radio gives users the ability to save 100 waypoints. We like this feature because you can store information about your favorite stops and previous travels for future use.

In fact,  the radio includes a compass display that gives you the more detailed information. It displays the distance, direction, and more, for all of your waypoints. That means that you can have 100 custom waypoints with over 100 custom routes that you can you can access anywhere, anytime.

Remember how previous radio models used to give you messages that were hard to understand? It was a huge problem. Fortunately, the Standard Horizon GX2200 has a high-power PA system that’s loud enough, that you wouldn’t miss anything.

Even better, you can activate the fog horn simultaneously. This multitasking feature is a big deal and is an obvious advantage that can’t be missed.

Just in case you’re accidentally sleeping on the job, and are confused on your surroundings, this VHF radio will warn you once you’re closer to another ship. Thus, making this radio a great lifesaver – and will teach users to stay alert when they’re out on the waters.

The Standard Horizon GX2220 keeps you in the loop by displaying some important information to help users stay aware of their surroundings. This information includes MMSI, BRS, DST, COG, SOG, the call sign, and the ship name.

Standard Horizon Gx2200 ReviewWith this feature, you can find out what ships are located based on your relative position. You’ll be able to see where your ship friends are located, as well as other ships that are lurking around the waters.


One thing that users liked was its simple installation. Since the GPS antenna is inside the radio, you don’t need to have an external GPS device wired to the device. This reduces the technical work that’s involved, making this a great choice for beginners and professional users.

The CPA/TCPA alert feature is another plus. When in use, you can set the GX2200 to have alerts by the Closet Point Approach or a Time to Closet Point Approach. You can stay aware while sailing and reduce the chances of unexpected collisions.

Having a clear voice is crucial when transmitting emergency signals. The GX2200 uses Clear Voice technology, so whenever you’re communicating to another ship or experiencing an emergency, you’ll know that your voice will transmit with little interruption.

And it comes with an attached speaker, which has a better range than competing radios. Users can be placed on the other side of the ship and still be heard. Try using this radio when you want something that can enhance your communication with other ships nearby.


While the Standard Horizon GX2200 performs as advertised, it still has small issues within it. For example, it has an AIS screen, which can be difficult when looking at it in dark areas. However, this isn’t a detractor, as some users aren’t bothered by the screen’s resolution.

Weighing in at 8.8 pounds, the GX2200 is pretty hefty for its size. This means that you’ll want to mount the radio in a safe location before using it. Some users reported that the radio would cease to work when dropped.


You can’t go wrong with the Standard Horizon GX2200. Not only does it have a great GPS system, but it alerts you on nearby ships to prevent further collisions. When getting this radio, you’ll be surprised at how it keeps you connected with others and protects you during an emergency.

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