Standard Horizon HX870 Review

Standard Horizon Hx870 ReviewThe Standard Horizon HX870 is designed for this and so much more. It’s built with its own submersible waterproof construction, waterproof die-cast chassis, and a strong DSC/GPS receiver. You can rest assured that you’ll sail the waters like a true captain.

Read this review for a clearer perspective on how the HX870 operates. Then, it’s up to you to decide if this is the right radio for you.

Standard Horizon HX870 Features

The Standard Horizon HX870 comes equipped with a 6 Watt  VHF radio and a 2.3-inch screen that’s larger than its competitors.

Focusing on efficient and intuitive design, the operating buttons are positioned near the screen to be used quickly. It floats and is waterproof, which is a helpful feature if you accidentally drop it in water.

In any event of harsh weather or any emergency condition, this radio ensures that you can contact the coast guard or other boats in your location. It has noise cancellation technology that helps with creating clear outgoing and incoming calls without any outside disruptions.

With its in-built DSC, users can press the distress button to send call the nearest coast guard. It can save up to 20 routes and 200 waypoints and used its COG, SOG, distance, and bearings to the individual waypoints. With its high tech and unique compass page, you can pick 9 vessels within range.

The Standard Horizon HX870 has a USB port. There is programming software available, but the functions are limited. Also, there is a way to download DSC call logs, download and upload tracks and waypoints.

It also includes a 1800 mAh battery that fully charges within 3 hours. And you can use its additional supplied alkaline battery tray that uses 5 AA batteries.

If your vessel becomes overboard, the Standard Horizon HX870 has a few things that can assist you during emergencies. This is an IPX8 floating radio that can survive in 5 feet of water for 30 minutes.

The Man Over Board function is used for memorizing the position information if you dropped the water under water. And it includes a strobe light that’s activated once it drops. Once this occurs, the device will flash an SOS light so that that nearby help can find you.


The radio’s internal antenna allows you to show your position in a numerical or compass style. It allows you to share your GPS position, and you can request GPS positions from boats within your location.

And it’s improved control ergonomics is a huge plus. This radio has a dedicated squelch button located on the side and three soft keys placed in a row. And the NOAA Weather Alert feature allows you to track weather in your proximity, regardless of the signal strength.

Plus, the HX870 has a large screen for a marine radio. It’s designed to let you view information clearly, making it an ideal choice for people who want quick recognition or have vision problems.

The HX870’s charging cradle can be easily mounted on a boat. This allows you to hold the radio firmly and can be mounted on a vertical surface. Standard Horizon included a channel placed on the bottom of the cradle to help with cradle routing. This keeps the installation process clean and simple.


While the Standard Horizon HX870 is one of the best marine radios available, it’s not perfect. Here are some setbacks.

The first issue is the LED illumination. The brightness of the screen’s display is too bright for some users when its in use. Even if you dim the light, the brightness can be an eyesore for some users.

Some consumers had issues with the GPS system. On some occasions, it will stop immediately, making it harder to track your position. Once the device becomes wet, the speaker will become useless, so make sure it’s in a dry area to ensure that it operates safely.


To conclude, the Standard Horizon HX870 is a radio built for the seas. Not only does it works with all US, Canadian, and international channels, but it also has a receiver used for DSC Calling. Because of this, users can expect better communication with ships during an emergency.

Why is it worth your money? Because the radio has a tough waterproof design, which helps during marine environments. If you’re trying to stay aware of your surroundings while having a good transmission quality, then definitely give the HX870 a look.

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