SWR Antenna Analyzer MFJ-259C Review

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Most users think they don’t need an antenna analyzer until they are faced with tuning an antenna that gives them a really hard time.

And if you don’t already know, they really do most of the time.

But if you’re reading this you likely know the issues associated with tuning an antenna and are looking for help, most probably without spending a bomb.

Fortunately for you, that’s exactly what the MFJ-259C does. So stick around as we review it in detail.

SWR Antenna Analyzer MFJ-259C Features

If you’re an amateur radio enthusiast, you probably know the pain of tuning a stubborn antenna that just refuses to cooperate.

It can take hours and hours of frustrating work just to get the thing working somehow. Definitely not ideal!

And that’s precisely why we like the MFJ-259C. It works great at tuning the antenna perfectly way more quickly than you would expect with an antenna analyzer in this price range.

Regardless of whether you’re tuning a CB antenna or any other antenna with another device like a HAM radio or a two-way radio, you would be impressed with how efficiently it tunes the antenna.

A particular user mentioned in their review how nothing worked for them when tuning their antenna even after trying it for almost two weeks, after which they finally got the MFJ-259C and got it done in less than half an hour.

Impressively, they also achieved an SWR of 1:1.2.

Fast and Functional

As you can tell from what we mentioned above, the MFJ-259C is surprisingly fast when it comes to tuning antennas while it doesn’t even require you to hook it up to your radio or the use of a transmitter.

It also works great at finding the exact right spot for frequencies that you use frequently. Unlike with some other antenna analyzers in this price range, getting a 1.1:1 or a similar match would be pretty easy.

Swr Antenna Analyzer Mfj 259c ReviewVersatile and Solid

The MFJ-259C works independently of the radio you’re using and covers the VHF spectrum really well, be it a CB radio or a long range two-way radio. It’s also easy to use and boasts a great build quality and durability.

It doesn’t have any problem working on 10 and 11 meters too, while some users mention how they can get a 10 meter to a 2 meter antenna tuning well in no time.

Impressive Pros

For an antenna analyzer priced well under $300, the MFJ-259C offers some impressive pros.

Its ability to tune quickly and accurately is great, and so is its ability to work just as well with different types of devices including shortwave radio and handheld HAM radio.

Similarly, it also works really well with antenna of different lengths, something hard to come by for analyzers in this price range.

The ease of use is impressive as well and although there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, it’s very functional and comes with a 2-line LCD display.

Users mention how it stupidly easy to use but saves a lot of headache especially when tuning an antenna with a radio for the first time.


The MFJ-259C does disappoint a bit in some areas.

First of all, there’s some problem at the seller’s end where many users are shipped a somewhat defective or damaged unit and they have to request a replacement. However, some users mention they are not able to request a replacement and have to request for a refund and then place a new order again.

But a particular user mentioned how simply ordering the device from the right seller solved this problem as the other seller would test the device before shipping it. If you’re curious, that seller is Main Trading Co.

The MFJ-259C also consumes batteries rather aggressively but using lithium batteries would help you get around this issue to a great extent.

Save Your Sanity!

If you tend to tune antennas to your radios on a regular basis, the MFJ-259C is an absolute no-brainer for you especially if you value your sanity.

It can be incredibly frustrating to tune antennas but the MFJ-259C makes it a very smooth and efficient process.

While there aren’t a ton of features, the MFJ-259C serves its intended purpose really well. And for the price, it wouldn’t be fair to expect anything more than what it offers.

So click on the big yellow button below and order it on Amazon after doing some research about the seller so that you get a functional and working unit.

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