Tecsun PL880 Review

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Why waste your money on a shortwave radio that doesn’t operate correctly? There are thousands of models on the market, and it can be difficult to decide their quality from afar.

That’s why we’re here to review the Tecsun PL880. This device has a battery life of 20 hours and has good reception. We want to highlight its features and setbacks, so you’ll know what you’re getting once you purchase it.

Tecsun PL880 Features

Who should purchase this radio? If you want a balance between an abundance of features and ease of use, Tecsun PL880 should give you the combination that you’ll need. It scores high for its selectivity and sensitivity. The price is reasonable as well and no matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced user, then this radio is a great deal.

The telescoping antenna is for SW and FM. It includes an antenna-gain switch for SW frequencies. If a station is faint, press “DX” to help amplify it. If the station is over-exceeding the radio, you can press the “Local” button and authenticate it.

The Tecsun PL880 comes with an 1850 lithium battery. And it has a 5V USB port that’s used for recharging them. If you need a battery for rough use, Tecsun has a 2000 and 5000 mAh battery for extended usage.

We also like this device because of its Fast and Slow scan modes. In the daytime, you can pick out the stations that other devices skim by. Some of the stations will have RF noise or static from appliances.

The Tecsun PL880 has a recording feature which surpasses its competitors. This allows users to connect an output mic to the radio and record their personal stories. And it has a volume control feature that allows users to minimize background noise and determine the radio level during recording.

And it has additional features to improve your listening experience. It includes a simple tone control, 24-hour alarm clock, an internal AM antenna, and an external antenna jack.

Most radios don’t give users the option to adjust the bandwidth. Fortunately, the Tecsun PL880 comes with 4-5 bandwidth options. You can filter the bandwidth levels on SSB and AM frequencies without losing audio quality.

Tecsun Pl880 ReviewThe PL880 has the highest memory station found in a modern shortwave radio. For example, it stores 100-250 memories within one page. The radio has over 25 pages, and the device has an Auto Tuning Storage to search for the frequency that’s stored within the PL880’s memory system.


Consumers like the Tecsun PL880 because of its comfortable tuning system. Users can directly enter their desired frequencies by keypad. And the device has a scanning system, meaning that you can scan the station with one long press.

The radio’s receiver is designed to ensure full coverage – LW, SW, AM, and FM broadcasts. And the device has great selectivity. If the device has too much sensitivity, you’ll have to minimize the antenna gain. Besides the selectivity is a good feature of the tech gadget. You can pull signals precisely. Again the MW and FM reception is very good.

The accessories are also another plus. The PL880 comes with a stereo headphones, a carrying pouch, user manual, and a lithium rechargeable battery. If you look through the manual, you’ll notice other techniques such as Synchronous detection, SSB calibration, and dynamic reduction.


However, there are some flaws with the Tecsun PL880. There is no difference between the bass settings and treble tone. There is no LW/MW antenna connector, but the device has a secret setting for this.

Some consumers complained that it took over 3 days for the device to work properly. The radio was unable to oscillate, either on its FM or AM frequencies. If there are any issues with the device, you can quickly call for a replacement.


When getting the Tecsun PL880, you’re getting a radio that’s designed for utility. With over 2,050 station memories, you won’t have any issues saving your favorite channels. So consider getting this radio to ensure that you can communicate effectively regardless of the location.

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