Tecsun R-9012 Shortwave Radio Review

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Are you after a shortwave radio at the price of a toy? Well, you have landed at the right place, as the product we will be reviewing in this post is exactly that.

The Tecsun R-9012 is priced not much higher than an average toy, but can be an incredibly fun shortwave radio.

But you would be blown away with what it offers in terms of performance. It does the otherwise challenging job of pulling stations from across the world, something which even many of the much more expensive shortwave radios struggle with.

The AM and FM is decent, but the shortwave reception is amazing. If you listen to it in the evenings you will be surprised with the experience you would have.

Almost a Steal!

The Tecsun R-9012 is so good the price is almost a steal. The shortwave reception is way better than what you would expect at this price, and in fact, it’s better than many radios priced more than twice than it.

The AM and FM reception doesn’t leave much to be desired as well, and you would have no problem picking up a lot of stations on both of them.

However, on shortwave, you would easily be able to pull in stations from different parts of the world, which is definitely saying something as it has gotten harder for even some of the much pricier radios out there.

As a matter of fact, some users find far more stations on FM on the R-9012 than they do with all their other radios, all priced way more than this little wonder.

Some users do say the reception gets a little weaker when you put it down, but given the price this is no big deal. With a little moving around you will probably almost always be able to get a pretty good reception.

Tecsun R 9012 Shortwave RadioNo Functionality Issues Whatsoever

If you’re wondering whether the great performance and amazingly cheap price tag comes at the cost of the functionality, let us tell you that’s just not the case.

The R-9012 is very functional and even comes with an external power port. Furthermore, there’s also a tuning indicator light which definitely comes in handy.

The tuning knob it comes with would definitely be easier on your fingers than the thumb wheel that many other radios have.

It’s also amazingly lightweight and portable, which makes it a great travel radio too.

Surprisingly Loud

Well, you would be surprised that the R-9012 manages to be a great radio all-round. It doesn’t disappoint in terms of the audio quality either.

The sound is surprisingly loud and clear. A particular user mentioned in their review that they listen to it using their earphone at a much lower volume and the sound is still fine and loud enough.


  • You just can’t get a better performance at this price
  • The shortwave performance is amazing with the R-9012 pulling in SW stations from across the world
  • The AM and FM reception is pretty good as well, especially at the night where the radio loads in a lot of stations with ease
  • The sound is amazingly loud and clear for the price; you would love how it sounds with a good earphone
  • Comes with an external power port and a tuning indicator light
  • The tuning knob is smartly designed to be comfortable on your fingers and make it easy to operate
  • Super portable but has a bit of a weight to it
  • The durability is surprisingly good for the price
  • Great radio for beginners


  • The signal reception can get a bit weaker as you move it around, but it’s not very difficult to deal with

Other than that, you must also be careful if you’re looking to purchase an adapter for it. The one Amazon recommends it under the “frequently purchased with” section actually doesn’t work with it.

This is because the R-9012 requires a negative center while that particular adapter has a positive center.

An Absolute No-Brainer!

A shortwave radio that can pull in stations from all across the world at the price of a toy? We are sure you can’t be on the fence with this one.

It’s a great radio all-round as we discussed above, so don’t think twice and just go ahead and get it on Amazon by clicking the button below.

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