Tektronix TBS1032B Digital Oscilloscope Review

The Tektronix TBS1032B is one of the most advanced digital oscilloscopes you will find in this price range, despite actually being labeled as an introductory model by Tektronix.

The 2 channel TBS1032B is capable of operating at its impressive real-time sample rate of 2GS/s on all channels without any interleaving. Further, the 2.5kpts record length for every channel is pretty impressive too.

Its ability to trigger on difficult signals without any issues at all, being able to zoom a particular area of the display, and delay triggering are all useful advanced features. Best of all, it’s capable of measuring wave forms with great accuracy.

Tektronix TBS1032B Features

Some users mention in their reviews how they are surprised to get so many advanced features at this price point. You would only find some of TBS1032B’s advanced features in high-end scopes priced well in 4 digits.

When you have a scope that can trigger on difficult signals just as easily as it does on other signals, you’re assured of a great overall performance. Add to that several other impressive features like delay triggering, ability to zoom in on a particular area of the display, and tons of other fancy functions, and you have high-end scope functionality at the price of an introductory model.

Amazing Accuracy Coupled with Great Functionality

Its ability to measure the wave forms with incredible accuracy is certainly its best feature. It shows that it’s not all bells and whistles but the scope is functional all-round and capable of doing its basic job extremely well.

Some customers mention how they think they will never be able to use all the functions the TBS1032B comes with.

Digital storage and playback definitely add tremendously to its overall functionality, while the well-designed knobs are easy and comfortable to use for range changes.

It produces incredible pulse signal details which will please the most advanced of users. It also includes 2 probes so you don’t need to buy any separately.

Other Great Features

Tektronix Tbs1032b Digital OscilloscopeAs we mentioned above, the TBS1032B is really heavy on features and functions. In addition to what we covered above, there are also many other great features like the large 7-inch color display that’s responsive and allows you to magnify any particular area you want.

The USB support would definitely come in handy. Moreover, Tektronix products are built to last and the TBS1032B is no exception with a great build quality as well.

Despite that, however, it’s surprisingly lightweight and fairly portable.

The TBS1032B is also more intuitive than you would expect, with great controls that are both functional and easy to use.

An Important Note

The price of the Tektronix TBS1032B has gone up significantly recently as Amazon probably discontinued selling it temporarily, and the third-party seller has priced it too high.

It was priced well under $500 just a couple months back, but now the third-party seller it’s available from has priced it at around $900.

Don’t get us wrong. The TBS1032B is a great scope, but it’s definitely not a great deal at around $900. So if you find the price to be unusually high on Amazon just come back to this post later and use the button at the end of the page to check the price again. It should get back to normal in a month or two.


  • Incredibly long list of features
  • Comes with many advanced features at a great price
  • The functionality is great all-round
  • The accuracy is spot on and the TBS1032B is capable of triggering on difficult signals just as easily
  • Great sampling rate
  • Many great functions like delay triggering, large display, USB support, ability to magnify areas of the screen and so on
  • Surprisingly intuitive despite all the advanced features
  • The controls are very functional and easy to use
  • Great durability
  • Relatively lightweight and portable


  • The display refresh rate can turn out to be a little on the poorer side for some applications
  • Triggers can be a bit unreliable at times
  • Only 30 MHz bandwidth

Advanced Scope at Introductory Price

As we mentioned in the introduction, Tektronix has priced it as an introductory product, but it’s really a pretty advanced scope with some great functions.

It’s also one of the few advanced scopes under $500 that comes with so many useful features and functions, yet is intuitive enough to not give beginners a hard time.

All in all, a great product, and you get it right away by clicking on the Amazon button below.

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