Tektronix TBS1052B Digital Storage Oscilloscope Review

The Tektronix TBS1052B is a great digital oscilloscope that managed to make our list of the best digital oscilloscopes as well as get great reviews from customers.

It packs a lot of advanced features in a durable, well-built body, but is priced fairly affordably.

This particular 2 channel model offers 50 MHz bandwidth, an impressive sampling rate of 2GS/sec, 2.5kpts record length, 7-inch responsive color display, built-in waveform limit, zoom function, advanced triggering, auto-ranging functions and a lot more.

Let us try covering some of its most important features and functions as there are too many.

Tons of Features and Functions

We gave you a bit of an idea above about the kind of features and functions it comes with. They certainly make the TBS1052B one of the most advanced digital scopes out there, but also very functional as well.

The 7-inch large display has different design colors making the data more fun to look at, while the ability to zoom in on particular areas makes it very responsive and functional.

The 50 MHz bandwidth isn’t too impressive at this price point, but the 2GS/sec sampling rate coupled with all the great functions more than makes up for it. This is one of the reasons customers didn’t hesitate purchasing this product and rating it very highly despite many other scopes being available in this price range that offer a higher bandwidth range.

The other scopes do not have many of the TBS1052B’s advanced functions, meaning they may not perform as well as the TBS1052B for the more advanced applications.

Another impressive feature is FFT, which means that the TBS1052B keeps a track of both the frequency and time at the same time, which again a type of feature you would usually find in high-end scopes priced much higher.

The frequency is counted up to 6 digits, which definitely comes in handy when you’re after very exact, precise measurements.

Overall Performance

Tektronix Tbs1052b Digital OscilloscopeLet us discuss the overall performance of the TBS1052B in particular now. The first thing you would want to know here is that the TBS1052B is incredibly accurate even when tasked with measuring some of the most demanding applications.

The fact that it can easily trigger on difficult signals greatly helps its overall performance too. Other features like delay triggering, too, add their bit to make the TBS1052B a more complete scope.

The max sampling rate of 2GS/sec, coupled with a 3% vertical measurement accuracy, gives the TBS1052B an edge over comparable models that are rather modest on this front.

The digital storage and playback doesn’t fail to please users as well.

Surprisingly Intuitive

You would think that all the advanced features and complex functions would make the TBS1052B have a steep learning curve, but you would be surprised on this front too.

The TBS1052B is very intuitive with great but easy controls and a user-friendly layout. The knobs are very well-designed and pave the way for a more convenient operation.


  • Lots of advanced features and functions at a relatively affordable price
  • Impressive sampling rate making it suitable for advanced applications
  • Great triggering ability including delay triggering
  • Dual window FFT function
  • Great display with zooming capability
  • The ROM that controls the scope’s operation is easy to update with Tektronix releasing the updates regularly
  • Well-built body so you can expect the TBS1052B to be very durable and long-lasting
  • The durability isn’t with a lot of weight and the TBS1052B is fairly portable and lightweight
  • Surprisingly intuitive with easy controls and a responsive 7-inch display
  • Includes 2 probes that work great
  • Despite being advanced it’s a great scope for beginners and they would have no problem getting familiar with it


  • Doesn’t mention in the description that it comes with 2 probes, which leads to some customers ending up purchasing them separately which results in a waste of money
  • The instructions aren’t as detailed as they could have been especially considering all the functions this scope comes with

Great for Beginners and Advanced Users Alike

The Tektronix TBS1052B packs a tempting bunch of features and functions in a durable body and offers it at a great price. Regardless if you’re a hobbyist or work on small scale professional projects, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option than the TBS1052B.

Unless you’re looking to spend well over a grand on a scope, it would be wise to go ahead and click the button below to order the TBS1052B on Amazon.

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