Tektronix TBS1072B Digital Oscilloscope Review

The Tektronix TBS1072B is one of the most advanced models of the Tektronix series which features some of the most advanced digital oscilloscopes on the market at great prices.

This particular model comes with a bandwidth of 70 MHz and max 2 GS/s Sampling, FFT function, zoom function, 7-inch color display, auto-ranging functions and a lot more.

It provides great detailed analysis of the signals which allows for a more in-depth study and understanding of the signals than a scope in this price range would offer.

Tektronix TBS1072B Features

The TBS1072B will feel very light when you hold it in your hand first right after you unpack it. This makes it one of the few scopes that boast a long list of advanced features yet are portable enough for carrying around and also make for a more convenient desktop experience.

As soon as you boot it up, you will have a fair few functions instantly firing up and waiting for your inputs. Some of these functions include trigger level, waveform display, timing and so on.

Overall Performance

Now that you have become familiar with the TBS1072B, let us delve deeper into what it offers in terms of performance.

And the overall performance is indeed very solid, and the accuracy is great. The advanced functions and great accuracy of the TBS1072B allows users to use it for some of the most advanced applications out there, which otherwise they would need a really high-end scope for.

The signal visibility is great, and the dual window FFT function greatly adds to the overall performance. The same goes for other important features like the TBS1072B’s advanced triggering ability including delay triggering and features like pulse video triggers would come in handy too.

After accurately capturing the signals, the TBS1072B uses its advanced math functions to make it easy for you to understand and analyze the signal quality.

There are as many as 34 different automated measurements available that you can use to add, subtract or multiply waveforms. The signal analysis is very reliable and the overall performance of the TBS1072B is solid.

Additional Functionality

Tektronix Tbs1072b Digital OscilloscopeAs we have been saying over and over again for these Tektronix scopes; they are some of the most functional devices you will ever come across, especially in this price range.

The TBS1072B is one of the more advanced models in the series, and comes with great overall functionality that nicely complements the performance to make for a very complete product.

The 7-inch color display is very functional and responsive with a zoom function, there’s a dual channel frequency counter that counts the frequency up to 6 digits, USB support (that can also be used for data logging), great digital precision, and some great controls.

Ease of Use

Despite all the advanced functions and ability to perform well for the most demanding of applications, the TBS1072B manages to be pretty user-friendly.

The controls are easy to use, and the overall user interface would make things easy for beginners. The functions are intuitive as well, and although the manual doesn’t help there are a fair few YouTube videos that teach beginners how to get the most out of this scope.


  • Great overall performance at a great price
  • Works well for advanced applications
  • 70 MHz bandwidth and 2 GS/s Sampling is a great combination powering the great performance
  • Great signal visibility with an advanced FFT function
  • Advanced triggering ability
  • 34 different automated measurements
  • Detailed signal analysis
  • 7-inch color display with zoom function
  • Easy, intuitive controls
  • No cooling fan translates to no noise and a higher reliability
  • Durable and well-built


  • The scope doesn’t come with a cover
  • You may face some glitches until you upgrade the firmware to the latest version

A Truly Advanced Scope

Many scopes claim to offer advanced performance and functionality but very few manage to deliver on it. The TBS1072B is definitely one of them, and it’s backed by Tektronix’s great brand reputation.

The TBS1072B is not only capable of accurately measuring the most advanced of applications, but it’s also incredibly functional and intuitive and one of the most complete scopes you will find on the market.

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