TriField EMF Meter Model TF2 Review

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The TriField TF2 is one of the most advanced EMF meters out there. It’s also super versatile, as it does the job of an AC gaussmeter, AC electric field meter and also a meter that measures radio power density.

This versatility comes with a super efficient and accurate performance, while being super easy to use and having a large LCD display.

TriField TF2 Features

There are tons of other features as well, so let’s get to them below.

Great Design and Display

Trifield Tf2The design is very efficient but modern, and the display works remarkably well too, especially with the backlight on.

The display is very clear in all types of conditions and there are lots of details. The analog display is designed in a way that it lets you see a lot of information very quickly.

The digital read-out works fantastically as well. It updates multiple times in just a second, which obviously means it’s more than capable of tracking a changing value properly, but without making the value difficult for you to read.

The peak read-out is a very impressive feature too here as it captures the short signals which the other read-out modes wouldn’t be able to. The hold time of this mode is perfect as well.

Impressive Functions

The TriField TF2 is definitely not short on functions either. It comes with some advanced features and functions that make it one of the best EMF meters on the market.

The extended RF frequency of the TF2 is something that will allow you to check a wide range of devices in a detailed way.

The TF2 can be more useful than you may think. Users are using it to measure all kinds of devices and make sure they aren’t putting them at risk with a very high level of RF and EMF frequencies.

Some users use it to measure their microwave, loudspeaker and WiFi, while some even think it’s a great tool for finding apartments with low or no EMF.

In fact, a particular user also mentioned it can help you find the safest bed placement for you, which can definitely turn out to be useful considering all the RF/EMF devices we have surrounded ourselves with.

Many customers use it with great success for house hunting as well.

Moreover, the device is very accurate, and definitely not like many of the cheaper options that are often a hit or miss with their measurements.

Needless to say, it would turn out to be a particularly useful device for radio enthusiasts as they may want to know how much RF or EMF their CB radio or HAM radio is putting out.

The magnetic field detector functionality is something many customers are very impressed with as well.

Trifield Emf Meter Model Tf2Superior Performance

The TriField TF2 is definitely not your cheap $50 EMF meter. Those cheap meters usually only gets their reading from a particular field from the device, meaning they take much longer to give you the results, make you have to measure from all the sides, and still the accuracy may not be as accurate as you would like.

The TF2 is definitely very different on this front as it manages to get readings from multiple points without making the measurement process any more inconvenient for you. Most importantly, the results are almost always dead accurate.


  • Super functional EMF meter that combines the features and functionality of three different devices into one
  • Measurements are fast, convenient and extremely accurate
  • The display is great with lots of display, with great features like the digital read-out feature and impressive peak digital read-out feature
  • There are more than a few impressive features like extended RF frequency, multiple reading points without having to move it around, and being fit to be used for a wide range of devices and uses


  • It doesn’t allow you to adjust the volume
  • Things can get a little tricky when connecting to a 5GHz network

TriField TF2 Review Conclusion

If you’re after one of those high-end EMF meters without breaking the bank, the TriField TF2 is exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s super functional, comes with some really advanced features, and boasts a great overall performance at a great price. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the high-end models but for practical use it’s just as good.

It’s a must-have tool in a world where there are RF and EMF emissions all around us so just go ahead and hit the button below to order it on Amazon now.

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