TYT TH-7800 Ham Radio Review

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The TYT TH-7800 is another dual band HAM radio that we will be reviewing on our blog. It stands out from the other dual band HAM radios on the market as it’s priced much lower while still offering an impressively high number of features and functions.

It’s also one of the easiest-to-operate dual band HAM radios. Some of its highlighting features include dual VFO (you will be able to listen to two stations simultaneously), a lot of flexibility in you can tune HAM and GMRS frequencies, great audio, impressive power output, cross-band repeater and more.

TYT TH-7800 Features

The performance is solid all-round. The signal and audio reports are second to none in this price range, and the overall audio quality is surprisingly good at this price too.

The audio is loud and full, and there are no clarity issues as well.

The dual band performance is definitely the most impressive thing here. The TH-7800 operates over TX 134-174MHz and 400-480MHz, and the frequency range for AM/FM RX is 108-180MHz, 134-174MHz and 350-520MHz.

It also supports full duplex operation over both the bands. The power output is strong too at 50W for 144MHz and 35W for 430MHz.

Tyt Th 7800 FeaturesFunctionality

Sometimes, HAM radios that boast a good performance have some functionality issues, especially in this price range. However, the TH-7800 manages to stand out here, as it’s also one of the most functional HAM radios you will find at this price point.

One of the most important features here that customers have been all praise for is its ease of programming. Almost every dual band HAM radio has a steep learning curve when it comes to the programming.

The TH-7800, however, is surprisingly easy to program. Even beginners that have never done any kind of radio programming can do it without much trouble.

In addition, there are also many other features like being able to enter repeater frequencies and other details like the tones, 800 memories, the TH-7800 includes brackets and fuses, and the repeater function turns out to be incredibly useful for getting the most out of the full duplex functionality.

Something just as impressive is the large dual display LCD screen. If you couldn’t already tell, it displays all the information for both the bands, which is great for users that will frequently listen to two stations simultaneously.

Other Important Details

The TH-7800 is loaded with features which is why we think it offers an incredible value at this price. While we talked about how easy it is to program the TH-7800 as well as use it, we would like to further add that features like squelch nobs for VFO, volume and separate channel mean that the basic operation of the device will be very convenient and intuitive.

Finally, the build quality of the TH-7800 is incredible as well. A particular user mentioned how their unit has to deal with extreme temperatures, dust and vibrations, but it’s still going strong with no hints of any damage whatsoever.


  • Dual band HAM radio at this price is great, and the TH-7800’s frequency range for the bands is impressive too
  • The audio quality leave nothing to be desired, especially at this price
  • The signal and audio reports are impressive too, it certainly can’t get better in this price range
  • Great dual display LCD screen with lots of details
  • Surprisingly easy to program, a treat for beginners
  • Many great features like the repeater function
  • Very intuitive and convenient user experience
  • Fantastic build quality and the TH-7800 manages to withstand extreme temperatures and other similar agents


  • The LCD screen displays the numbers very neatly, but the letters don’t read as well
  • For some weird reason the TH-7800 only allows up to 6 letters for a channel name, which may not be enough for many users
  • The TYT software isn’t the best you will find out there, but for beginners it shouldn’t be much of an issue

TYT TH-7800 Review Conclusion

The TH-7800 certainly has a couple annoying flaws and it’s not perfect. However, it’s very functional and doesn’t disappoint at all as far as the overall performance is concerned.

Given its cheap price tag and everything it offers, beginners shouldn’t find it a problem to live with the couple issues it has.

If you’re not an advanced HAM user, go ahead and click on the button below to order the TH-7800 on Amazon.

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