Uniden BC355N Review

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A police scanner can be used for a lot more than just keeping an ear out for police frequencies. You can hear civil aviation broadcasts, railway transmissions, and a lot more with one of these devices. Unfortunately, finding the right one is often harder than you would expect due to the massive variety of available products.

To simplify the process, we’ve put together a short review of the Uniden BC355N, and we’ll discuss what you need to know before you decide to purchase it.

Uniden BC355N Features

If you don’t desire the mobility of a handheld scanner, then models like the BC355N can save you a bit of money and will be easier to mount in your vehicle or workspace. Both of these things are true for this model, as it’s one of the most affordable police scanners that still features a decent level of reliability.

For the price of this model, you wouldn’t expect to find much that’s reliable, but the BC355N functioned admirably throughout our review, and we had no major issues using it. With six service banks, you can toggle between, fire, police, weather, CB, marine, and air frequencies.

Keep in mind that this model is designed to pick up analog receptions only, so it won’t be as functional as a digital police scanner. This model also uses Close Call RF Capture Technology, which allows it to pick up transmissions from nearby transmitters and tune to them instantly.

As with most of Uniden’s other scanners, this model still features a search lockout which makes it easier to keep track of the channels that you’re interested in. Any channels that have been locked out over the course of a session will be reset when you turn the device off and back on again.

Being able to store 300 channels for quick access also means that you’ll be able to tune into your favorites as soon as you turn the scanner on. There is also a connector for an optional antenna, allowing you to extend the range of this scanner, making it suitable for both stationary and vehicle mountings.

Uniden Bc355n ReviewThe backlit display makes this model perfect for use in your car, as you can still see the screen in the dark. This scanner comes included with all of the power cables that you’ll need as well, including AC adaptors, a car socket charger, and a DC power cable for when you have access to an outlet.


One of the best things about this model is that it’s more powerful than similarly-priced portable scanners though it’s also a little more affordable. We also appreciated the inclusion of a backlit display and a cigarette lighter adaptor for use in a vehicle, and the size allows it to fit in nearly any car without a problem.

The inclusion of preprogrammed service bands and 300 channels that you can save means that you can find what’s interesting within a few short moments of starting this scanner.

Finally, we appreciated how easy this model was to set up and use. This helped make it an excellent choice for buyers who don’t have a lot of prior experience with these devices.


One of the biggest problems with this scanner is that it doesn’t feature a keypad, so you won’t be able to manually enter frequencies that you already know. While you could scroll through the available channels and find it, this just adds an unnecessary extra step that makes the product less user-friendly.

We would also recommend using headphones or an external speaker if you’re going to use this model in a noisy area, as the built-in speaker isn’t as powerful as on some of the competition. Other than the volume, the speaker could also use better quality, as some of the transmissions are fuzzy when they get through.


The BC355N from Uniden is one of the best stationary police scanners on the market, and the few minor downsides don’t hold it back from success. If you want something affordable, powerful, and reliable, then this police scanner won’t let you down.

If you want to get this scanner so that you can mount it in your vehicle or at your desk, then click the yellow button and you’ll be brought directly to the Amazon page for it. We hope that this guide has helped you figure out whether or not the BC355N is right for you.

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