Uniden BCD325P2 Review

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If you want to be sure that you’re spending your money the right way, then you’ll need to be as informed as possible before you decide to make a purchase. When buying a police scanner, you’ll want to be sure that you know what to expect from it so that you don’t end up suffering buyer’s remorse.

In this review of the Uniden BCD325P2, we’ll let you know all of the details that you need before you decide to purchase it, including pros, cons, and features.

Uniden BCD325P2 Features

As with most other Uniden scanners, this model features GPS compatibility, meaning that it can be linked into your GPS, and it will automatically update the frequencies as you travel. This model is also capable of working on several systems, including APCO 25, X2-TDMA, Phase 1, Phase 2, Motorola, and more.

This model uses dynamic channel allocation, and it features a maximum of 25000 channels, though it’s likely that you’ll never get near the maximum, even in the busiest areas. Thanks to the Close Call RF Capture function, this device can also automatically tune into nearby transmissions.

Uniden has even included Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) so that you can know whether or not whether alerts apply to your specific area. If you’re looking for broadcasts to home in on, then you can even use the band scope so that you can look around for transmissions visually.

With 100 quick keys, this police scanner is also easy to use, and it’s compact enough to fit inside of your glove compartment or even in a pocket. This model also features a lot that can help improve the quality of the transmissions that you send and receive, like Automatic Digital Threshold Adjustment, and more.

You can also tag channels so that you can keep track of them with ease thanks to the built-in tagging function. If any channels are particularly loud, you can also use the Individual Channel Volume Offset feature, which allows you to independently set the volume of each one.

Uniden Bcd325p2If a channel is broadcasting nothing but static and you want to cut it off, you can use the temporary lockout feature. Finally, this model features DCS/CTCSS rapid decode, making it easier for you to determine the system settings based on the sub-audible tone.


One of the best things about this scanner is that it features superior compatibility when compared to the rest of its competitors. This model can work across a wide range of systems, ensuring that you can hear nearly all non-encrypted traffic in your area without any trouble.

Finding a channel is made simple by the wide range of features like the band scope and Close Call RF Capture. Since you can program this model through mini USB, then you won’t have too much trouble getting it set up, ensuring that you can hook it up directly to your computer.

The backlit display on this model is another advantage, as it makes it a lot easier to use in the dark.


Unfortunately, this model has a few disadvantages that hold it back from being perfect. The first of these problems is the short battery life, and this scanner will struggle to last longer than an hour if you’re actively scanning.

Another disadvantage is that this scanner isn’t the best choice for inexperienced users, as the setup process can be relatively complex, even if you use a computer to do it. For buyers who are just getting started with police scanners, you’d be better off opting for a product that is designed to ease beginners into its use, instead of throwing them into the deep end.


This police scanner from Uniden features the same build quality that we’ve come to expect from the manufacturer. Despite being a little more complicated than the other products on the market, the BCD325P2 provides enhanced functionality that helps make it one of our favorite police scanners.

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