Uniden BCD996P2 Review

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Getting your hands on the best police scanner used to consist of 50% research and 50% trial and error, as you ordered units and found out that they performed nothing like they were advertised. To ensure that our readers don’t have to go through that, we’ve decided to review some of the best ones available.

Today, we’re going to review the BCD996P2 from Uniden, and we’ll discuss its features before moving on to what we liked and what we didn’t like about it.

Uniden BCD996P2 Features

This scanner from Uniden has been designed with vehicle and desk mountings in mind, and it’s one of the more compact models in its form factor. This helps make it easier to install, and you can transport it without too much trouble if you need to bring it from place to place.

The BCD996P2 works across several different communications systems, including APCO 25, X2-TDMA, EDACS, Motorola, Phase 1, and Phase 2. One of the best things about this scanner is that it features 25000 channels which are dynamically allocated, ensuring that you won’t run out of them, even in busy areas.

As with most of Uniden’s scanners, this model features Close Call RF Capture Technology, which is a system that hones in on nearby transmissions and automatically tunes to them. If you’ve attached a GPS to this scanner, you can also benefit from scanning that’s based on your location.

Uniden has equipped this scanner with a continuous band coverage of 25 MHz to 1.3 GHz. To make it easier to understand the interface on this product, it features a multi-color display. This screen is also backlit, ensuring that you can see all of the information that you need in the dark.

With 100 quick keys, you can access your favorite channels without any trouble, and the band scope allows you to visually find any transmissions in your area. The temporary lockout feature on this radio allows you to tune out any channels that are too noisy or that you aren’t interested in.

Uniden Bcd996p2 ReviewProgrammed through your PC, it’s a lot easier to get this scanner up and running when you compare it to older models that had to be manually programmed. The inclusion of individual channel volume offset allows you to prioritize the channels that you’re monitoring by setting them to different volume levels.


One of the main benefits of this scanner over its closest competitors is that it’s a lot easier to get this one up and running. Even if you’ve never used one of these scanners before, you shouldn’t have any trouble connecting this to your PC’s USB port and letting the included software set it up.

Once it has been programmed, the user interface makes this scanner easy to use, and it allows you to quickly access the channels that you’re most interested in. If you plan on mounting this model at your desk or in your car, the relatively compact size means that you can fit it in areas where other models wouldn’t be able to fit.


One of the worst things about this scanner is that the built-in speaker is located on the underside, meaning that you will likely have to install an optional speaker. If the scanner is mounted under the dashboard of your car, this won’t be as much of an issue, as the speaker won’t be obstructed.

If you want this model to be compatible with ProVoice and DMR systems, you’ll have to pay extra for some optional attachments, which seems a little excessive when you consider this model’s price. This brings us to our final point, as we believe that this model would provide better value for money with a small price reduction.


Overall, this product is one of the best base/mobile scanners on the market, and it’s equally suitable if used in a stationary or vehicle mounting. Despite a high price and a few questionable decisions when it comes to the optional accessories, the BCD996P2 is one of Uniden’s top models.

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