Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Review

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When looking for a police scanner, you’ll want it to be as reliable as possible, feature a reasonable price point, and it should have a set of helpful features that make it easier to use. Unfortunately, finding the right product is often a challenge due to the huge range of available products.

If you want to be able to purchase your police scanner with confidence, then our review of the BC125AT from Uniden should be able to help you pick the right one.

Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Features

This scanner is capable of keeping track of 500 channels concurrently, which is one of the highest capacities in its price range, with a lot of the competition only handling 100 and fewer. This means that you’ll be much less likely to run out of space for channels in areas with busy radio activity.

To be able to keep better track of the channels that you’ve saved, you can assign each of them a name with alphanumeric characters. This model is also capable of operating on both civil and military aeronautical bands, so if they’re close enough, you’ll be able to listen in on pilots’ conversations.

The inclusion of a Close-Call RF Frequency Counter mode allows you to automatically tune to transmissions that are nearby if you toggle it on, which is perfect for areas without too much action. This model also features both CTCSS and DCS functionality, making it even more versatile.

This model works across 40 000 frequencies, ensuring that you’ll be able to hear what’s happening in your area. Thanks to its wide compatibility, this radio scanner can pick up police, fire, ambulance, weather, railroad, ham radio, racing frequencies, and a lot more.

Your 500 saved channels are divided into ten storage banks, allowing you to categorize them based on the types of transmissions that they are. This model is also designed to be as light and as portable as possible, ensuring that you can store it and carry it around wherever you go with ease.

Uniden Bearcat Bc125at ReviewThe BC125AT also comes included with ten search bands that are already programmed into it, ensuring that you can find the channels that interest you based on their categories. This model also scans NOAA weather channels, and it allows you to keep track of weather conditions as they develop.


As we mentioned earlier, this is one of the most portable handheld scanners on the market. If you don’t have too much space to store your police scanner, then this one will easily fit into your pocket. We also appreciated the ergonomic design, which makes it easier to hold for a long time without any discomfort.

Being able to tag the channels and separate them into ten different data banks means that you can keep track of them with greater ease, and it makes organization much simpler. This product is also an excellent choice for beginners since the pre-programmed search bands make it easier for you to find the channels that you want to hear.


The main problem with this radio scanner is the battery life, and it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as some of its competitors with longer-lasting cells. To add insult to injury, the charger that comes included with this product runs relatively slow, and it won’t automatically stop charging the batteries when they’re full.

We were also disappointed in the owner’s manual that comes included with this product, as it doesn’t clearly explain a lot of the functions. If you want to become fully proficient with this radio scanner, you may have to do some searching on the internet.


The BC125AT from Uniden is one of the more affordable radio scanners on the market, and it doesn’t sacrifice much for its low price. If you don’t mind putting some work into learning how this model functions yourself, then it will be one of the best choices available for you.

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