Uniden BearTracker Scanner BCT15X Review

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A police scanner needs to be a few different things so that it can be worth the money that you spend on it. First, you’ll want to make sure that a product is as reliable as possible before you make your purchase. You’ll also want it to have a good enough antenna to pick up transmissions from far enough away.

To make it easier for our readers to find their perfect radio scanner, we’re going to review the Uniden BearTracker BCT15X. We’ll discuss this model’s features before diving into the details about its pros and cons.

Uniden BCT15X Features

This analog trunk scanner is one of the most effective options on the market; it already comes programmed with some of the most common channels used by police. This model will work across a wide range of trunking systems, like EDACS, Motorola, and more.

This model also features the BearTracker warning system, which will let you know if there are police in your general area. This can help you avoid traffic jams and other issues, but it will also make it easier to tune into an operating frequency so that you can pick up any interesting transmissions.

This model also features fire tone out and S.A.M.E. weather, allowing you to further customize your scanning and keep track of critical weather alerts. The best thing about the fire tone out feature is that volunteer firefighters can use it to respond to a call while they’re going about their business.

The BCT15X also uses Uniden’s Close Call RF Capture Technology, which automatically tunes to any frequencies which are currently in use around you. If you connect this model to a GPS, then the device will automatically update its frequencies as you move around, making it easier to find the channels you want.

With 9000 channels that are dynamically allocated, this model can be used in the busiest areas, and you’ll still be able to listen in on everything. There is even a recording jack that you can hook up an external recorder to so that you can register any transmissions that you want to listen to later.

Uniden Beartracker Scanner Bct15x ReviewThere is also a jack that you can connect headphones to so that you can listen in privately. The inclusion of a band scope means that you can even find channels visually. Finally, this model comes included with a mounting bracket and all of the required hardware, so that you can mount it in a car with ease.


As we already mentioned, one of the main advantages of this Uniden scanner is that it’s a lot more powerful than many of  Features like the Individual Channel Volume Offset help ensure that you can listen in on the channels that interest you, and they are complimented by functions like temporary lockout.

The inclusion of plenty of extra accessories means that you’ll be ready to use this model right out of the box. This product’s reception is also more impressive than we expected, especially when you consider that it’s about half as expensive as some of its closest competitors.

If you’re looking for a product that features consistent reception and a wide range of features to improve your scanning efficiency, then this a great model.


Unfortunately, this product is let down by its complete lack of user-friendliness. It feels like this scanner was made deliberately so that beginners can’t use it with ease. First off, this model completely lacks a user manual, and you instead have to go to the website so that you can access a PDF of it.

As if that didn’t make it hard enough to use, this scanner is also challenging to program, even though you can hook it up directly to your PC. If you’re looking to simplify the programming process, then you’ll want to use a piece of third-party software which can simplify things greatly.


If you’re an experienced user and you don’t mind fiddling around with your computer to get this model to work properly, then you’ll love this scanner. We’d argue that its power and reliability help make up for the Uniden BCT15X’s major downsides, though we still wouldn’t recommend it as your first scanner.

If you want to get this scanner, click on the yellow button to be brought to its Amazon page, where you’ll be able to purchase it. We hope that we’ve helped you find the best trunk scanner for your needs.

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