Uniden MHS75 Review

Some of the best two-way radios may not be the most popular options on the market, which is why it helps to do as much research about them as possible before buying one. Taking a little longer to make your purchase can be the difference between a product that works for you and one that you’re disappointed in.

In this review of the MHS75, we’ll go over all of the relevant features before we let you know what we liked and what we didn’t about it.

Uniden MHS75 Features

The MHS75 is unique amongst its competitors in that it’s entirely submersible, making it a great choice for users who work around water. Keep in mind that this model meets JIS8 waterproof standards so it can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in five feet of water, meaning that it’s not submersible indefinitely.

Depending on whether you want to communicate at long or short range, you can toggle this radio between 1 watt, 2.5 watts, and 5 watts. This ensures that the battery can last as long as possible and that you’re not using more power than is necessary to receive or transmit.

Speaking of the battery, this model has a high-capacity cell that helps ensure that it will last longer than some of the competing models. You can expect to get a maximum battery life of around 12 hours with this radio. This model works on all marine frequencies, including US, Canadian, and international bands.

Thanks to the included LCD screen, you can see messages and frequencies with ease, and you won’t have to lean in to see a font that’s too small. To keep track of as many frequencies as possible, this radio features dual watch, triple watch, and quad watch, allowing you to monitor up to four channels.

The compact shape of this radio allows you to carry it around in your pocket or on your belt without a problem. Thanks to the included belt clip, you can bring it around wherever you go. The light weight of this model also contributes to reducing fatigue if you’re using it for long periods.

Uniden Mhs75 ReviewSince this model uses a flexible rubber antenna, it’s a lot less prone to getting damaged as you move around, making it perfect for use in a busy work environment where it can potentially be damaged. 


The most significant advantage of this radio over other two-way models is that it can be submerged for up to five minutes. This makes it one of the best choices for users on boats or near docks, where the radio can potentially be dropped in the water.

Build quality was another pro, as this model is built to Uniden’s standards, which are far higher than many of their competitors. We also appreciated the affordable price point of this radio. Another thing that surprised us about this model was that it had a relatively long range, which you wouldn’t expect from a radio that isn’t equipped with an aftermarket antenna.

This radio is even resistant to shocks and impacts, so it can be used in high-intensity jobs where it can potentially get damaged.


One of the most disappointing things about this radio is that it can only be submerged for a few minutes in only five feet of water. Realistically, this won’t be much of a help if you’re on a boat, as the water may be much deeper than five feet, and finding a radio underwater may take longer than five minutes.

We were also disappointed by the belt clip, which is far too weak to hold on to your belt. This means that it will fall off often, and if you don’t notice it, then you may end up losing it. Even the clip that helps retain the battery is weak and made out of plastic, so it may end up breaking sooner than you’d expect.


If you need a two-way radio that can withstand the elements and with a compact design that you can carry everywhere, the MHS75 is one of the best options around. The only thing to keep in mind is that this model isn’t truly submersible, so you’ll have to be a little more careful around deep weather.

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