Uniden SDS100 Review

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There is a huge variety of police scanners available on the market, and they can cater to all budgets and needs when it comes to their capabilities. If you’re looking for the best scanner around, then it can be pretty hard to find the right one because everyone has different needs, and the term “best” is subjective.

To make the job a little bit easier for you, we’re going to review some of the best scanners around, and today’s subject is the SDS100 from Uniden, which is a high-end handheld model.

Uniden SDS100 Features

The SDS100 was designed to be a top-end handheld police scanner for the most dedicated of enthusiasts, so it has a higher price point than most of its competitors. For that cost, you get a product which features I/Q and SDR tech, which ensures that this scanner can pick up transmissions from digital simulcast systems.

Along with better reception of these transmissions, the SDS100 is also able to pick up weaker signals than many of its other competitors, ensuring that you can hear clearly at the far limits of its range. The SDS100 is even equipped with a water-resistant housing, which means that it can be used in wet environments without fear of malfunction.

To make the user interface easier to use, this model is equipped with a customizable color display. You can place the data that you need in the most convenient location, ensuring that you can check this scanner with a glance, and allowing you to get comfortable with it far sooner.

This Uniden scanner is compatible with most systems, as it operates on EDACS, Motorola, LTR, P25 Phases I and II, and even DMR Tier III. It also comes pre-loaded with a Canadian and American radio database, ensuring that you don’t have to do anything too complicated to set it up.

The most complex thing that you have to do to get this model working is input your postal code so that it can find the frequencies that are in use around you. There is even a backlit keypad that makes it much easier to use this scanner in the night without having to shine a light on it.

Uniden Sds100 ReviewThe inclusion of a channel volume offset feature allows you to hear what interests you since you can assign different volume settings to various transmission sources. Finally, the inclusion of an 8 GB microSD card means that you can record plenty of audio before running out of space.


One of the things that sets this scanner apart from other models in the same size class is the ability to customize the display to your liking. Being able to position data readouts and windows wherever they best suit you means that you can personalize this scanner to best fulfill your needs.

We also appreciated how you can keep using the scanner while it is being recharged, making it easier to use it when you’re at home or near a power outlet. The location-based scanning feature is as convenient as ever, and the ability to hear far-off transmissions without having to replace the antenna surprised us.

Finally, the water-resistant design of the scanner ensured that we could use it both outdoors and indoors without having to worry about malfunctions or failures.


However, this scanner is held back from a perfect score by a few different problems that we wouldn’t expect to see in something so expensive and supposedly refined. The first thing that Uniden failed to refine was the shape of this scanner, and it’s a lot bulkier than other comparable models.

While this isn’t so much a fault of the product itself, the price of the SDS100 is simply too high for many buyers. Unless you’re one of the most dedicated scanner enthusiasts, it’s hard to recommend it over more affordable models that have many of the same features and do a lot of the same jobs.


Despite its relatively high price point, the SDS100 from Uniden is still one of the best overall police scanners that you can get your hands on. If you don’t care about how much a scanner costs and you want to be sure that you’re getting something which is both capable and advanced, the SDS100 is perfect for you.

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