Vogurtime AM FM Radio Kit Review

If you’re into radios and stuff, you can’t not love the Vogurtime AM FM Radio Kit. It’s an excellent way to learn how radios work, as well as build basic radio device.

If you own a Ham radio or anything of the sort, you will be fascinated to put this together and learn how this works.

Vogurtime AM FM Radio Kit Features

Let us go through all the features of this kit below.

Amazing Soldering Model

This is a great soldering model for STEM project. It basically comes as a soldering electronic kit, and allows you to explore the world of electronical programming on a basic but practical level.

It’s not only an amazingly learning experience, but also a lot of fun to put together. Users mention how it’s a blast to put it together and they enjoyed every minute of it.

You don’t have to get anything separately or dismantle any of your existing radio, as it comes with everything you would need.

It also offers two options in its two different models in the form of AM and FM. And yes, the radio would work too after you build it – think something like your walkie talkies!

Incredible Support

In some cases some users may need a bit of support if they are absolute beginners, although it’s actually pretty simple and straightforward.

Similarly, with products like these there’s always a possibility of getting a kit that doesn’t include one of the components. But that’s where the amazing support comes in!

A particular user mentioned in their review how they received incredible support when they found their kit didn’t include some of the parts. They were explained the required instructions extremely well while also quickly shipped a replacement.

Vogurtime Am Fm Radio Kit FeaturesGreat for Beginners and Kids

Although it’s one of the more fun and seemingly advanced concepts – building an AM or FM radio – this kit makes it surprisingly easy for the users.

Whether you’re a beginner to programming such devices or are looking to buy it for your kids, it would make a great purchase.

Own a Ham radio for beginners or a kids walkie talkie? You would love this kit!


A lot of fun, some amazing learning, being able to set your foot in an exciting, fascinating world and a functional and working AM or FM radio. You get all this for a price that we would call a steal!

It helps you understand the concept of electrical soldering extremely well, while allowing you to easily and quickly build an AM or FM radio yourself.

The quality of parts included is pretty good as well, and you can expect the designed radio to last for a good while too. The best part? The radio works surprisingly good and the signal comes in crystal clear.

As mentioned above, the support is amazing as well in case you need it, and you never know if or when you might need it for such products as there are always going to be a few cases where some of the parts would be missing or some users may fail to figure something out.


The reason this kit managed to receive almost universally positive reviews is that it’s a great value for its price. It’s not only an amazing learning experience, but also helps you build a functional AM or FM radio which works pretty well too.

However, just to point out a minor fault, we would say the instructions could be a bit well organized. They aren’t bad and are indeed pretty helpful, but just being organized a little better would help save some time for many users, especially for kids who work on it without any help from an adult.

A rare few users also complain about not getting the signal on the radio, but we suspect that’s more about the signal availability (or the lack of it) in their area than being a real problem with this kit itself.

Vogurtime AM FM Radio Kit Conclusion

An amazing product for anyone who would like to develop an interesting habit with some great, fascinating learning and a lot of fun.

Moreover, at the end of it all you would have a perfectly functional AM or FM radio and would be able to get the signal and play it as well. How cool is that – designing a real radio by yourself!

Just check it out on Amazon and you won’t be able to resist getting it right away!

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