WEmake FM Radio DIY Soldering Kit Review

When it comes to having a lot of fun while also learning a lot of useful, interesting stuff, there aren’t many things better than products or kits that come as STEM projects and help you learn about the way electronics operate and work, including things like Ham radios.

The WEmake FM radio kit is one such product. Let us learn more about it below.

WEmake FM Radio DIY Soldering Kit Features

We will walk you through everything that this kit offers and also the few issues associated with it so that you can find out whether it would be a good fit for you.

Amazing STEM Project

This kit is a great STEM project and comes with everything you need to have a complete STEM project experience. There’s a soldering iron, safety glasses, side cutters and more.

Regardless of whether you have kids or want to try to have some fun yourself, it’s a great option. You would learn soldering, functions of electronics, IC, and more importantly, radios and the functioning of radios, as you will be making a radio with this kit.

Making a Working Radio!

As we just mentioned above, you will be building an FM radio with this kit. And guess what? It would be a working FM radio that will pick up signals and work just as good as a new one.

Well, maybe not like a high-end one, but at least a good basic FM radio. It would be an amazing learning experience and you would have a working radio that you should be able to use for at least a while.

Don’t expect it to last forever though!

Wemake Fm Radio Diy Soldering Kit Features

Advanced and Fun

This may or may not be a good thing for everyone, but this kit is one of the more advanced forms of STEM projects you will find on the market. That’s not saying you can’t make it work, but it won’t be as easy to build correctly as something like the Vogurtime AM FM Radio Kit.

That said, if you own a handheld Ham radio or anything of the sort, you shouldn’t have much trouble building the radio with this kit easily and quickly.

The instructions do help as well, it’s just that you may not be able to understand them the first time you read them. So you may have to read them a few times, especially if you’re a beginner and have never even used something like walkie talkies.


If you’re after some great fun, learning and a glimpse of the world of radios and how they function – and all that without breaking the bank – then the WEmake FM radio kit is probably your best bet.

You end up making a working FM radio if you do everything right, and that’s a lot of fun and learning for sure. It comes with everything you would need for your project, and you would learn a lot of interesting things, including the functioning of electronics and radios in particular, as well as other things like IC and how soldering works.

You also get snips that come in handy for cutting off the excess wires. In addition, the solder it includes is lead-free as well, which is great to know especially if you’re looking to buy it for your kids.

All the parts and components are well-made, which is how you manage to make a working radio that gets the signal as well.

Finally, the price is surprisingly affordable for such a well-made STEM project kit, especially given the variety of parts you’re getting.


Perhaps the first con some beginners have a bit of trouble putting it together and making the radio work. The end product in the form of radio doesn’t work when you don’t do everything correctly.

While the instructions are detailed, they don’t do a good job of explaining everything clearly, which leads to a bit of confusion when working on the project, especially for beginners. You have to reread the instructions a few times to be able to understand everything properly.

Another thing is that the FM radio which you make using this kit isn’t very durable, but that’s expected. After all, you’re not buying a radio here but a kit that helps you understanding the concepts and functioning associated with one.

WEmake FM Radio DIY Soldering Kit Review Conclusion

The WEmake FM radio Soldering kit is one of the best of its kind. While it isn’t the easiest to work with, it’s certainly fun with a great learning experience for both kids and adults.

It helps you make a working FM radio that manages to get the signal as well, while allowing you to learn soldering, the functioning of modern radios and other devices, and a lot more.

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