What Do People Use a Baofeng Radio for?

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It was Marconi who came up with the idea of radio in the year 1896. Since then, this revolutionary device has changed the way of life for people. The instrument uses radio waves mainly, which are an electromagnetic wave. These days Baofenf radios are popular among users for their portability and low price.

What are the different parts of the Baofeng radio?

From an outer look, you will see only buttons, knobs, and a screen on your Baofeng radio. But, if you open the Baofeng radio, you will see plenty of device parts. There are at least 18 different parts inside. These parts are antenna, flashlight, strap buckle, LCD screen, flashlight, monitor, LED indicator, VFO/MR, PTT key, accessory jack, frequency display switches, BAND key, keypad, battery pack, battery remove button, and so on. You can switch to alarm mode as well.

What do people use a Baofeng radio for?

Weather station

The Baofeng radios are quite easy to carry. That is why the team of weather stations uses the device to determine specific frequencies. Here, on this radio, you can enter the NOAA weather broadcast frequency. This is clearly an emergency radiofrequency.

Family radio

This hand-held two-way radio is used for some familial purposes as well. Have you heard of family radio service frequencies? The Baofeng radio can pick up that emergency frequency as well. This means you can contact your family members while outdoors with the Baofeng radio.

International distance frequency

The radio waves of Baofeng radios can travel a significant amount of distance. Due to this reason, in military service, the Baofeng radio is used for international distress frequency pickup. The concerned authority for surveillance and those who operate helicopters often use this special affordable radio.

Emergency frequency

This is clearly a multi-purpose radio. It also picks up 2-meter band frequencies. But, its main use is for sending and collecting emergency frequencies from worldwide.

How to use the Baofeng radio, and what are its command keys?

It is pretty easy to use the Baofeng radio. There are several buttons which you need to make yourself familiar with. Let’s begin.

  • PTT- This is a push-to-talk button. You have to hold it for signal transmission. Once the radio starts picking up the frequencies, release the button.
  • Call-The button is used to activate the FM option in your Baofeng radio. You can use this same button to turn on the alarm option as well.
  • Moni-The button is also named side key 2. You can use it to turn on the flashlight.
  • Band button- This extraordinary button allows you to switch to the specific band you wish to operate on.
  • Scan key- This key helps your Baofeng radio to search for active channels for signal transmission.
  • Menu key-With the help of this button, you can go to the main menu and choose your desired option.
  • Arrow key- The Baofeng radio features an up and down button. For menu navigation, please use this button.
  • Exit key- It cancels all the existing functions on the screen of the Baofeng radio.

Now that you know a lot about this radio consider buying one for an emergency. These won’t create any hole in your pocket. So, check out the stores for two-way Baofeng radio.

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