What do People use HAM Radios for?

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In this day and age, there are countless different ways to put yourself out there and to share your skills and hobbies with the world. The internet means that practically anyone can become a celebrity and start creating content for a large audience.

But this has actually been the case for much longer than the advent of the internet. In fact, as early as pre-WW1, people were already using HAM radio in order to share their tastes in music, local news, their presenting and DJing skills and much more!

Who is HAM Radio For?

Anyone who has the right equipment can broadcast over radio. In fact, this is something you can even do with the right affordable two-way radio. In fact, some ‘Hams’ as they are colloquially known will broadcast purely using Morse Code via a handheld two-way radio!

This tends to appeal to people from all walks of life. You have young kids trying out their music skills, politicians broadcasting to their constituents, movie starts, missionaries, charities, businesses and much more.

The great thing about Ham radio is that you can communicate from anywhere, with no need to have an internet connection. As long as you can carry a radio, you can share your thoughts and feelings with the world.

Once upon a time, Ham radio was a huge craze. Remember that this was before the days of the internet – and so it was the first time that the Average Joe had been able to create content and share it with a wide audience! Back then, there was actually concern that Hams were clogging up the airways and as such, they were required to obtain a license and to stay off particular channels!

Today, there are undoubtedly fewer hams, and it is definitely less of a craze.

But far from being a deterrent, that’s actually part of the appeal. This is a little like a secret club – where only other Hams or people who happen to be riding the radio waves at that time will get your message. It’s a far more low-key way to communicate. And unlike the internet, there is no trace of your communication afterward! People who know about your frequency will hear, but so might the odd person browsing their police scanner, or someone using a walkie talkie.

Getting Started

If you plan on getting started with HAM radio, then you will of course need some very basic equipment in order to broadcast your messages. As mentioned though, any basic two-way radio will do.

Some creators will like to set themselves up with professional recording equipment, but this really isn’t necessary. What is necessary is to recognize that there are 26 bands you are permitted to use (535 to 1605Khz) and that you shouldn’t stray from there. You may also need to get a license depending on the region that you live in, in order to ensure that you keep the airwaves clear for emergency communication – and that you are able to intercept emergency messages and offer assistance if you should come across them!

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