What is Talkback on Scan?

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Talk-back channels are an exciting and unique discovery when you’re looking at frequencies with a police scanner. Read on to find out more about what these are and why they’re so interesting!

When listening to a police scanner, it is always highly exciting wondering what conversation you’re going to stumble onto next. As the name implies of course, one of the most common types of conversation to run into is police chatter. This can be a fun way to monitor crime in your area, and in some cases it can be very exciting to hear events progressing live!

But that’s not all you can tune in on. You might also be able to pick up local two way radio communication (walkie talkies) or business two-way radio. Maybe you can pick up the chatter of some security guards in a mall?

But it’s not all business! Of course, a police scanner can also be used as a conventional radio to pick up your favorite music and talk shows. Better yet, it can be used to pick up HAM radio, this being a form of amateur radio used for non-commercial messages, experimentation, self-training and more.

In other words, HAM radio is where you can pick up the neighbors kid practicing his DJing skills in the basement!

Why Talkback is Another Exciting Discovery

But there’s more entertainment to be found too!

One particularly interesting discovery is something called talk-back.

In short, talk-back is a type of communication that occurs between radio professionals that isn’t meant for public consumption. Of course, radio DJs make a living by producing music and entertainment for a large commercial audience.

However, from time to time, they might need to communicate with someone behind the scenes. This is particularly tricky seeing as radio studios need to be completely silent – meaning that for the most part the producers and rest of the team will be sitting behind sound-proof glass. Otherwise you’d hear every cough, sneeze, and mutter live on air!

So, what happens when a presenter needs the producer to field a call for them but they can’t get through to them? Do they call them?

Well seeing as they have a form of communication right there – a radio – it makes more sense to use that. That’s why they will often then switch to another channel and then relay the message that way to the rest of the team using handheld two-way radio.

This channel is what you call ‘talk-back’.

What to Expect

From the perspective of the radio hobbyist, this can be an extremely interesting thing to pick up. Likewise, it can be very interesting for any fans of those celebrities or even the guests on the channel. This provides a little bit of behind-the-scenes information, as well as some fascinating tidbits of information.

You’ll be able to hear live discussion while music tracks play, you’ll be able to hear radio lingo, and you’ll even be able to hear presenters chatting and joking. And there’s something particularly exciting about picking up this chat that other listeners won’t get to hear!

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