Whistler TRX-2 Review

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Digital police scanners are some of the best scanners available because they can work across most trunking systems, unlike analog models, which can leave you out of some of the newer networks. If you want to hear everything possible, then the simple fact is that you need the best digital police scanner.

The Whistler TRX-2 is one of the most popular digital desktop scanners that’s currently on sale, and in this article, we’re going to discuss its features, benefits, and disadvantages. 

Whistler TRX-2 Features

Features are what help distinguish the best police scanner from an average one, and the TRX-2 from Whistler has plenty of helpful ones. If you don’t have much experience programming scanners, then you’ll appreciate the simple process to get this one set up: just input your zip code.

This model also comes included with a 2 GB microSD card onto which you can record playback of transmissions, and you can then transfer them to your computer for editing and sharing. This desktop scanner features all of the keypad controls that you’d expect to see on a handheld one, including scan, skip, and pause.

This model also features the V-Scanner II system, which allows you to save a total of 200 different configurations. You also won’t have to connect the device to your computer to toggle between them, as you can switch between the saved configurations directly from the scanner’s keypad.

You can even program the backlight on this scanner to flash in certain patterns or colors when there’s activity on a specific channel or from a particular contact. The inclusion of a loud speaker helps ensure that you don’t always have to use headphones or a separate set of speakers to hear anything clearly.

Using this scanner, it’s also possible to access storm spotting networks so that you can be kept abreast of any emergency conditions that are developing in your region. The included microSD card does more than provide storage room for saved transmissions, as it also comes with a full US and Canada frequency library.

Whistler Trx 2 ReviewThe alarm clock feature on the TRX-2 ensures that it can turn on at a certain time each day, making it perfect for monitoring channels from the moment that you wake up or start working. When you save recordings, the device will even automatically assign a date and time, making things easier to keep track of.


Since this is one of the better high-end desktop police scanners, it features much better build quality than a lot of its cheaper competitors. Even though desktop variants are exposed to a lot less wear and tear than their handheld counterparts, this scanner can keep functioning for a long time without any malfunctions.

The reception is also extremely clear, even at long range, which is something that you should always look for in a desktop scanner since you won’t be able to move closer to transmission sources. The dedicated weather button helps ensure that this is a great scanner if you live in an area that frequently sees adverse weather conditions.

Getting this product mounted and set up was also relatively easy, meaning that beginners won’t have too hard of a time with it.


One of the major weaknesses of this model is the LCD screen since it’s a lot smaller and less detailed than the ones available on some of its handheld competitors. You will often have to lean in so that you can see details like the frequency that you’re scanning and the name of the channel.

The included instruction manual also makes this scanner a little harder to use, since it doesn’t exactly guide you through all of the basics. If you’re a beginner, then you would be better off working with an online guide or something else that will explain some of the basic functions in greater depth.


The TRX-2 from Whistler isn’t the best scanner ever made, but it’s one of the top desktop models that are currently on the market. This scanner is the best option for intermediate and advanced users who already have experience using less advanced models.

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