Whistler WS1065 Review

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A digital police scanner allows you to listen in on far more frequencies than just the ones the police use, and they only have that name because it’s relatively short and convenient. Whether you want to hear train conductors, race crews, pilots, firefighters, or anyone else on unencrypted radio, a quality police scanner will get the job done.

Today, we’re going to review the WS1065 from Whistler, which is a capable desktop model that comes bundled with a helpful set of features. Let’s get into the details you need to know.

Whistler WS1065 Features

With a list of functions that rival some of the top models currently available, Whistler’s WS1065 is one of our favorite products in its category. For example, it features a backlit LCD screen that is a lot easier to see in the dark, and they keypad also lights up when a button is pressed, meaning this one is ready for nighttime use.

Like with other Whistler products, this one features their customizable alert LED that lets you know if a channel or contact of interest is currently broadcasting. To inform you of what you need to be notified about, you can customize the color depending on the alert that is coming through.

This model comes included with a flexible antenna that makes it a lot easier to mount the whole unit under a desk or in an area where it would otherwise be obstructed. If you need to get more range out of this unit, then you can even attach an external antenna to it, and it’s relatively easy to do so.

The inclusion of a lock-out function makes it easier to scan through channels without having to hear ones that are full of white noise or that you know are permanently inactive. Since this model uses multi-system trunking, then it’s compatible across a wide range of networks, including EDACS, Motorola, LTR, and P25.

If you have a hard time manually programming scanners, then you won’t have much trouble with this model since you’ll just need to connect it to your PC and it will be set up automatically. The real-time signal strength indicator will also show you whether or not a channel is strong enough to hear clearly.

Whistler Ws1065 ReviewMuch like with other Whistler scanners, this one is equipped context clues on the menu, making it a lot easier to see what each part of the interface is dedicated to. This is especially helpful for beginners that are still getting used to the WS1065.


One of the best things about this scanner is that you can update the firmware directly from your computer. If you notice that a new update has been released, all you have to do is attach the USB cable to your PC and the device, and using the software that you set it up with; you can download and install the newest updates.

This is also one of the most compact desktop models in its price range, ensuring that it will be able to fit nearly anywhere on your desk without getting in the way. The ability to identify the channel that you’re currently listening in on is also something that you don’t see in low-end models, and it was another thing that impressed us.


The WS1065 is not perfect, even though it’s pretty close to it. A few of its features let us down, and the setup process was probably the most notable problem. While you can program this model through the PC, there is still a pretty steep learning curve to get through, so it’s not the best choice for beginners.

Unfortunately, you also have to pay for the software so that you can program this model from your computer, and you’ll also have to pay for a frequency database subscription.


Other than those few minor issues, the WS1065 holds up Whistler’s reputation for quality, and it’s still one of the best desktop scanners on the market. If you’re looking to buy this scanner, we hope that our review has given you enough info to make an informed decision before you order it.

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