Why Your Ham 4 Rotor Works Intermittently?

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One of the most powerful rotors is the Ham 4 rotor, and it is designed for medium communication arrays that range up to 15 feet. Thus, the Ham 4 is designed for medium-sized Ham antennas. Moreover, the TV antennas also use the Ham 4 rotors as they work quite effectively. The Ham 4 is a very well-built unit, and they are stationary.

Ham 4 rotor intermittent

Normally in the Ham 4 rotor, both the upper and the lower housings rotate simultaneously with the help of ball bearings and two rows. It also consists of a solenoid brake with an electromotor and gear train in the upper section. IF the Ham 4 rotor is not working perfectly, it will cause problems for you and hurt the whole system.

When the rotor is working properly without any hesitation, we say that the rotor works perfectly, but if the rotor stops moving, we say that the Ham 4 rotor is intermittent. When the Ham 4 rotor starts to work intermittently, there would be some symptoms. If your Ham 4 rotor is not working properly, then it will work similarly in the tower and on the bench, whereas the working of the rotor is different on both, whether it is working on a 100 feet cable or 8 feet cable. It uses two different controllers for the alignment, and the brake will also release properly.

When you release the brake of your Ham 4 rotor to choose the direction, you will hear the buzzing of the rotor, but unfortunately, it will not move. You can solve this problem by changing from CCW to CW several times while holding the brake off. But every time, this trick will not work. If it moves in the first try or within a half-hour, it is good; otherwise, use a different method.

Most of the time, it may also stop working due to dryness. If there would be no grease, the Ham 4 rotor will not work. You may clean all the bearings and grease them properly and then put them back and check whether they work on not. There are low chances of it working, and if it does not work, manually apply the grease and spray penetrating oil into the gear train.

If the rotor still does not work, the problem lies with the motor voltage and high cable resistance. If the motor voltage supplied to the Ham 4 rotor is insufficient, then it will not move, and similarly, if the cable resistance is high, it will also stop the Ham 4 rotor from working. Therefore, you may also check the capacitors, and if there is an insufficient phase leg between the capacitors, it will be best to change the capacitors.

The brake may also cause a big problem for Ham 4 rotor. If the brake is stuck, then it will not allow the Ham 4 rotor to move. It can happen due to natural corrosion. You may use brake wedges that are less sticky, and they won’t be stuck as well. Also, check the voltage test to check the insufficient motor voltage.

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