Workman SWR2T SWR Meter Review

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The Workman SWR2T SWR meter is one of the cheapest SWR meters on the market. But don’t mistake its cheap price tag for low quality, as it’s a fairly durable SWR meter and offers great readings for the price.

It’s almost as accurate as a much more expensive SWR meter for testing CB radios and CB antennas. It does have its flaws, but it gets the job done well.

Workman SWR-2T Features

It’s also very compact, durable, and comes with a great calibration knob. It works extremely well right out of the box.

Almost as Good as Top Dollar Meters

Many customers are amazed at the Workman SWR2T SWR meter’s ability to get pretty much the exact same readings as high-end meters. A particular user mentioned how their friend uses a high-end SWR meter they paid top dollar for, and it showed the exact same readings the SWR2T did for their fire stick and CB antenna.

Sure, some customers do have some trouble getting the readings, but it does get the job done all the same.

A particular customer mentioned that the needle gets stuck at 3 when setting the FWD level. And it only works after they give the unit a crank or a rap.

But it might also be due to the fact that they are not doing something right. Many customers experience no trouble getting super accurate readings from the meter at all.

Some annoyance or not, you can’t go wrong with the readings it gives you and it would help you set up your CB antenna and radio perfectly.

Workman Swr2t Swr MeterSolid Feel

The SWR2T, despite being incredibly cheap, has a solid feel to it. It’s fairly durable, and the frame is made of metal.

The switch and calibration knob feel solid too, and the entire unit seems to be very well-built and durable.

This is indeed a great thing when you’re buying a SWR meter in this price range, as many meters being sold at this price point do have some durability issues.

Other Things to Know

The Workman SWR2T SWR meter comes with a 3-foot coax which is great at this price. You do need one to use a SWR meter and the one that comes with the SWR2T works just fine.

A particular user did mention that the included coax is too lightweight for their liking, and they prefer some other jumper like the RG 8 that you can buy separately. However, we really don’t think you need to do the same, especially unless you feel the need to do so after using the meter with the included coax jumper.

The CB radio frequency range is 27 MHz. Many customers mention how the SWR2T is a great little investment at protecting their expensive CB radio and preventing damage to it that they end up causing due to a wrong SWR.

The user manual, however, is poorly written. Luckily for the users, there are a few good YouTube videos out there that explain how to use the Workman SWR2T SWR meter so you don’t have much to worry about here.


  • Amazingly accurate – gets you almost the exact same readings as SWR meters that cost several times more
  • The SWR2T boasts a solid build quality despite its tiny, lightweight body, and has a metal frame too which is great at this price
  • Comes with a 3-foot coax jumper which works well
  • The SWR2T is a great little investment for every CB radio as not getting the SWR right may mean potential damage to your radio
  • Super easy to use
  • Despite the price it allows you to leave it in-line


  • The needle can sometimes give you a hard time by refusing to go over 3, but all it takes is a quick crank, and it also doesn’t happen to most users anyway

Workman SWR2T Review Conclusion

There are many more functional and better SWR meters out there, but at this price, the Workman SWR2T is second to none.

In fact, it’s an amazingly cheap alternative to high-end meters that cost a bomb, simply because it’s surprisingly accurate and shows the same readings as those expensive meters.

The durability isn’t an issue either, so we can safely say it deserves every penny it asks for. Anyone looking for a great cheap SWR meter should jump on it right away by clicking on the Amazon button below.

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