Yaesu FT-857D Review

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Amateur radio, which is also known as ham radio, is a popular hobby worldwide, but choosing the perfect model for your needs can often seem impossible. You typically need to try out a radio so that you can get an idea of whether or not it’s worth your money, but we’re going to try and do the next best thing.

In this article, we’re going to present our in-depth review of the FT-857D from Yaesu, so you can figure out whether or not it will get the job done.

Yaesu FT-857D Features

The FT-857D from Yaesu is designed to keep up with some of the most expensive ham radios on the market, and despite its high price point, it still provides the buyer with a lot of value for money. This radio features a wide range of operating modes that help make it a lot more versatile.

This ham radio can work in CW, AM, FM, F1, and F2, so you’ll be able to operate on a wide range of different frequencies without any trouble. Working across HF, VHF, and UHF bands, this model is one of the most versatile ham radios around, and you can tell that it’s designed for the advanced operator.

Yaesu has also created an extremely powerful radio, and this model is capable of various levels of power output based on the mode that it’s functioning in. For example, it has a power output of 100 watts when operating in HF mode at 6 m, 50 watts at 2 m and 20 watts at 70 cm.

This model also features optional Collins filters, offering an enhanced degree of selectivity. There are also CTCSS and DCS decoders built directly into this ham radio. The automatic repeater shift function on this ham radio allows you to enhance the range without having to replace the antenna.

There is a dot matrix display that shows you all of the relevant info, including the channel, volume, and more. The memory in this ham radio can hold up to 200 channels, so you’ll be able to keep track of the frequencies that you communicate over most frequently.

Yaesu Ft 857d ReviewThe inclusion of a spectrum scope makes it easier to keep track of channels which are currently active. This model comes included with a microphone as well as a power adaptor, though you’ll have to purchase any additional accessories separately.


One of the best things about this model is how powerful it is, which helps ensure that it has a longer range than a lot of its competitors. Along with an extended max range, this ham radio is capable of receiving and transmitting more clearly than other ones, ensuring that both parties can hear what the other is saying.

The compact size of this ham radio means that you can fit it in smaller nooks where it won’t get in your way. Features like automatic repeater shifting, computer compatibility, and digital filtering all help make this model a lot easier to use and put it a level above models from the previous generation.


Unfortunately, there are a few problems with this radio, and it typically comes down to features that should have been included but questionably weren’t. For example, this radio doesn’t come equipped with cross-band repeat, even though plenty of more affordable models do.

Another issue is that this is one of the least user-friendly radios in its category, so you’ll need to have a lot of experience with other ham radios if you want to get started with it. Every time you start this radio up, you’ll have to go through a checklist of steps that can start to get tedious with daily use.


The FT-857D from Yaesu is an excellent product, especially when you compare it to some of the other high-end ham radios that you can get your hands on. We hope that we’ve been able to let you know everything that you need to about this product so that you can determine whether or not it’s right for you.

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