Yaesu FTA-250L Handheld HAM Radio Review

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The Yaesu FTA-250L is one of the best VHF handheld HAM radios out there. It’s functional, it’s very well-built, and it boasts great receiving and transmitting capabilities.

The audio is pretty impressive too, and it’s both loud and clear. Just like most other Yaesu radios, it’s very well-made and is IPX5 certified, meaning you can expect it to be incredibly durable.

Yaesu FTA-250L Features

Let us review it in more detail below.


The FTA-250L is a very versatile handheld HAM radio that works really well at both transmitting and receiving. The transmission power is impressive at this price point.

The 5W TX output and 700 mW Audio Output are pretty good for the price, too. The audio in particular is surprisingly good, and it’s very loud and clear.

It’s also 8.33kHz Narrow Band compatible. However, it’s comm only, which means that it doesn’t have a navigation program installed, and you won’t be able to access receiving navigation channels (108-117.95 MHz;”VOR”).

You will have no trouble talking and receiving on other channels though.


The FTA-250L is also one of the most functional handheld HAM radios on the market, especially in the budget price range.

It’s easy to program, works like a charm around the airport area, comes with a basic but nice and functional display, and is surprisingly user-friendly.

Unlike some of the other HAM radios, it doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it takes care of its basic functionality and transmitting and receiving functions extremely well.

A particular user mentioned that the FTA-250L worked just as well for them in a bad weather too in a flight, with a strong signal and clear communication. This gives you a good idea about the kind of performance and signal strength it has to offer.

You would also have 250 memory channels in the FTA-250L, and unlike some other radios switching its batteries is easy and not a chore.

It comes in a compact body but is extremely rugged and durable. The IPX5 certification mean that it’s resistant against a lot of damaging agents like water and dust.

The 1950mAh Li-ion battery is better than what most radios in this price range offer as well.

The FTA-250L offers a 3-year warranty, which reflects their confidence in the quality of their products.

The manual is well written and useful, and users would easily be able to understand everything about how the FTA-250L works after giving it a read.

Yaesu Fta 250l FeaturesA Couple Flaws

The FTA-250L is a great radio at this price point and boasts a solid performance and great functionality, but it does have a couple issues too. Whether they are insignificant or a deal-breaker depends on how important (or not important) the below features are for you.

The first issue is that there’s no squelch adjustment knob. This can make using the squelch function time-consuming and difficult to use, as you will have to find it in the menu every time you need to use it.

The second isn’t much of an issue at all if you read the product description carefully. The description says that the FTA-250L is a VHF radio, so you will not have the UHF frequencies. This can be a bit disappointing for some users, but if you only tend to use the VHF you would have no complaints about it.


  • Great overall performance with impressive transmitting and receiving capabilities
  • The transmission power is impressive
  • The audio quality is great, and the FTA-250L produces loud, clear sound
  • It’s very easy to program and very user-friendly
  • Great signal strength even in bad weathers
  • 250 memory channels
  • Compact body but a great build quality and durability
  • IPX5 certification means it’s a waterproof radio with durable construction
  • Well-written manual


  • No squelch adjustment knob, using the squelch function can be frustrating at times
  • No UHF frequencies, but it’s already mentioned in the product description that it’s a VHF radio

Yaesu FTA-250L Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for a radio that can work on both VHF and UHF – or a very advanced HAM radio – then the FTA-250L isn’t for you.

However, if you only want VHF and a relatively basic but super functional and durable handheld HAM radio, then by all means, click the button below to order the FTA-250L on Amazon right away.

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