Yaesu FTA750L Review

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Getting your first marine VHF transceiver can be a long process at first. But the Yaesu FTA 750L is designed for both beginners and professional radio users who need better communication. With its memory recall, built-in GPS, and other features, it can be a great choice if you’re on a budget.

By the end of this review, you’ll see if the Yaesu FTA 750L is the right radio for you. We highlight both its advantages and disadvantages so that you get a clear perspective on how it performs.

Yaesu FTA750L Features

The Yaesu FTA-750L is packed with features such as a 66 channel GPS receiver. This allows for reliable navigation and communication, even in desolate areas. When a waypoint is made on the GPS software, it then displays the distance, ground, and speed information, which is useful if you’re traveling overseas.

It has additional features such as sidetone sensitivity adjustment, voice-activated microphones, and a Dual Watch feature that allows users to set a priority channel that will break through if it is transmitted by someone else while you’re tuned.

Display is important for a radio, and the FTA750L allows you to has a 1.7″ x 1.7″ dot matrix display screen. The devices high-level display helps users view their settings more clearly and view all of the great features the Yaesu FTA-750L has to offer.

And the accessories only enhance the FTA750L’s capabilities. It comes equipped with a DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter, belt clip, alkaline battery case, Lithium-Ion battery, Everything that you need comes right out of the box, enabling you to continue to utilize this device to its best potential.

Over 200 channels can be programmed into the Yaesu FTA750L, which allows you to access frequently used channels on its activation band. The book memory channel can be programmed in the unit by using the included cable and PC software. The memory channels are labeled with an alpha numeric display or an operating frequency display.

Adjusting the squelch threshold is easy with the Yaesu FTA750L. Once you press the Squelch button for over 2 seconds and the squelch will help monitor distant and weak signals. If you press the Squelch button again, it restores the devices settings back to normal.

Yaesu Fta750l ReviewAlso, the Yaesu FTA750 can pick up 10 NOAA weather channels. It can scan NOAA stations that are within your area once you select the Weather Band feature. Thus, making it a great device if you want to alert on the weather status during emergencies.


The Memory Mode setting is a very intuitive feature for some consumers. The memory mode shows the “MR” placed to the left of the channel frequency. And with over 200 memory channels, you’ll have enough space to keep your favorite channels stored for later use.

The Yaesu FTA750L has 8.33 kHz spacing, and it can navigate through VORs, and its built-in GPS allows you to set up waypoints within seconds. It’s easy to install and will take only 30 minutes to get used to it. Because of this, its a great choice for beginners who want a radio that will work effectively without wasting time with the technical details.

Plus, the interface is designed for easy operation. It has an icon designed menu system which allows the user to pick the settings they need without the hassle that competing devices have.


Some of the consumers had issues with the FTA750L’s LCD display. When used in broad daylight, it’s hard for the users to see what’s on the screen. Thus, making it only suitable in dim or dark areas.

Another thing that comes to concern is the downloadable programming software. It’s only available for the Windows Operating System, which can leave MAC users at a slight disadvantage.

There are a lot of functions that are placed on the Yaesu FTA750L. Also, the keys are too small, which can be difficult for taller users. Fortunately, you can call for a replacement if any of these issues are too much for you.


When buying the Yaesu FTA750L, you get a radio that works best for airplane navigation. It’s designed with a matrix LCD display and a strong GPS system, making it a great radio if you want something efficient.

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