Yaesu FTM-100DR Mobile HAM Radio Review

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The Yaesu FTM-100DR is an excellent mobile HAM radio and a great, affordable way to get into digital radio experience.

It’s a dual band radio with the UHF and VHF operating well on both analog and C4FM, easy programming, built-in GPS, great controls, intuitive user interface, impressive audio and a solid build quality.

Yaesu FTM-100DR Features

Let’s understand some of its main features in detail below to help you decide on whether it’s the right choice for you.


The dual band performance is definitely pretty impressive for the price. The FTM-100DR 144/430MHz dual band performance comes bundled with many impressive modes like the voice FR mode, V/D mode, analog FM and data FR mode. The wideband receive frequency is 108 MHz.

There’s a digital group monitor and you can use UHF and VHF on both analog and C4FM mode, which is again very impressive at this price point. The signal strength and receiving capability is pretty reliable too, even in areas where it’s otherwise hard to receive the signals well.

The audio quality meets Yaesu’s standard, and is loud and clear. Many users have mentioned in their review how they get great, clear audio reports while also having the ability to adjust the audio gain.

Yaesu Ftm 100drFunctionality

Functionality is usually never a problem with Yaesu radios, and the FTM-100DR is no exception. In fact, you could say that its almost as functional as some of the high-end mobile HAM radios out there, while not being priced anywhere near as high as them.

The programming is easy and convenient, but a great feature here is that even the included mic offers super quick access thanks to the programmable buttons it comes with. In addition, you would probably be surprised to know that you can program pretty much every setting, which is again something we didn’t expect in this price range.

The built-in GPS is a great little extra feature too. There’s a fan in the FTM-100DR but it’s much quieter than most other radios.

The screen is large and clear, and makes navigation easy. The menu system is pretty intuitive too. The controls are also very well-designed and add to the functionality and overall ease of use.

If you have a computer and an internet connection, connecting to the WIRES-X system would be a breeze and you would just need to use the supplied scu-20 cable to do so.


The reason Yaesu is the top choice when it comes to mobile and handheld HAM radios is that it makes radios that are not only functional, but also incredibly durable. They easily last for years and years even with a lot of rough use.

The FTM-100DR is just as durable as the other Yaesu HAM radios. Despite being very portable and fairly lightweight, it boasts a great overall build quality.

A Note

Some users complain about the digital audio signals being bad when receiving them, but it’s not the case. It’s most likely a problem at your contact’s end, and they may not have set up their radio properly, or set their mic gain too high.


  • Dual band performance with a lot of flexibility in the form of supporting both analog and C4FM
  • Great receiving strength; we have already explained above why some users face issues with the receiving digital signals
  • Great audio – loud and clear
  • The FTM-100DR gives a run to some of the much more expensive HAM radios out there as far as the functionality is concerned
  • Functional screen, easy and convenient programming, mic has programmable buttons, and every setting is programmable
  • Fairly quiet operation and a built-in GPS function
  • Easy to use with great controls
  • Very rugged and durable, while also being surprisingly portable


  • Not a dual receive radio as some customers point out, but Yaesu doesn’t make this claim on its product page; a dual band radio doesn’t necessarily have to be dual receive as well
  • Updating the firmware can be time-consuming

Yaesu FTM-100DR Review Conclusion

The FTM-100DR is very easy and intuitive so beginners would have no problem getting used to it. And it’s also priced fairly affordably for how functional it is, making it a great choice for beginners looking to get into the world of digital radio technology.

It’s also one of the most functional HAM radios in this price range. Unless you have a much higher budget you would want to get it right away by clicking the Amazon button below.

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